Sore points

That blister on my foot? I waited an extra day for it to subside before running the dozen 400s. By Wednesday morning I couldn't feel it so - off to the track.

I left the track with a degree of satisfaction. The last time I did 12x400, in February, it was 44F and took me an aggregate 21:22. Yesterday it was 75F and the loops added up to 21:01. The intervals ranged from 1:41 to 1:50, only four of them over 1:46.

That was encouraging.

Last night I let Hank crank on my muscles for 90 minutes. Hank is not Sherlene. You remember sweet Sherlene? She had such a gentle way of rubbing out all the knots and wrinkles. She never missed one and you could feel them release one by one under her hand.

Hank? Thumbs of pneumatic steel. The man can make you wince and oftentimes levitate you off the table with one stroke. If he weren't holding me down so hard with those thumbs I'd be lying on the ceiling. Whatever knots I had are gone. Of that I am sure. But I feel like I went through a brawl this morning. I may need an IV to flush out all that he broke off the muscle fibers.

I immediately booked another session in a few weeks. Did I mention I enjoy going to the dentist too?


21stCenturyMom said...

Those ART massages are brutal but they are also magic. I do not like the dentist and come to think of it I don't really like ART massage but I love what it does for me. What was broke ends up fixed.

Maddy said...

I think I need to get Hanks contact info from you.

That sounds WONDERFUL!

It sounds like the track was good too.

You're speed is returning as the mercury drops.

Jank said...

Track? What's that? Like a song on a CD?