What's that I feel?

I do believe .... yes. Neighbor P. said it too: there's a nip in the air. It's actually a degree cooler than it's been and pleasant weather is accompanied by a soft breeze. How wonderful. Mind you; most folks think I am crazy when I say it. They still think it's stifling. But they don't run like I do so can't tell those infinitely little details that a runner can feel.

I had an odd week. Labor Day Monday was nice to have off. I liked the three day weekend so much I took Friday off too. It was even better because Mrs. T went to New Jersey for her sister's surprise birthday party. It is such a surprise that they're celebrating her actual birthday a month early.

I like the quiet time. And it is quiet.

I skipped my 10-mile run on Thursday but with that cool nip in the air (74F) I elected to do it this morning; and plan to go out again tomorrow for the 13 on the plan. I expect the legs will not be very fresh but it'll be a nice test to put in 23 miles for the weekend.

Chances are high that I'll finish the run and head to the beach again. I left the chair and umbrella in the car from last weekend ... just in case.

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Joe said...

You and that beach...you'll probably catch a cold, given the nip in the air :-) It is interesting, though, how we can tell the difference of just a couple of degrees when we are out in it, eh??

Hope the long run went well today.