No shame

There's no shame in following a pretty girl for 15 miles who runs faster than you, is there? That was my calling this morning as I met up with Susan on Park Avenue at 6 a.m.

I planned our morning together so that we could knock off five miles, end up back on Park Avenue at 7 a.m., and run with my usual Sunday morning crowd. If my pace was too slow for her she could run with others over the 10 mile loop.

Prelude. Susan liked my plan and we headed out right at 6. We spent a lot of time talking shop, my kids, running, travelling, etc. We moved at a brisk pace and I felt fine. Over the last mile I told her the story of Helga and Ingrid Swenson that had been such a big yuck back in June. She found it amusing.

Jack, this is Ingrid from Stockholm. We arrived back at Park Avenue to find Chris, Charline, and Marty. Soon after Jack arrived and, with Susan playing along, I introduced her to Jack as Ingrid, the bikini designer from Sweden. His jaw dropped once, before suspecting me of pulling his leg again. We all got a good laugh before setting off.

The regulars complained right away that Susan's and my pace was higher than the norm for their start-up. That didn't slow us down. I was feeling good.

Everybody enjoyed running with Susan, especially Chris. We left Jack early with our pace. Charline and Marty cut out at six miles, leaving me and Chris with Susan to make the full loop. When I fell off the pace around mile 11 Chris and Susan kept it going. I tried my darndest to keep up but it was a push. They waited for me now and then and even walked when I had to walk.

When we got back to Park Avenue Susan checked her Garmin and it told her we did exactly 15 miles and at a 9:30ish pace. That's booking it for me. I was exhausted. I walked her home and headed back to the house to visit with my sister, in from RI.

Movie reviews. Went with Mrs. T to see Jodie Foster's new flick "Brave One" last night. It was riveting and tempered my easy approach to the NYC Marathon. I will be inside after dark. Today Sis and I went to see "In the Valley of Elah" with Tommy Lee Jones. Having had a son go to and return from Iraq, I found the movie to be very personal and left me extremely grateful that my guy came home with a pretty straight head on his shoulders. Sad account of what war does to young men. View with caution.


Darrell said...

If the goal was to get faster, then I say whatever it takes. If you were just enjoying the view, well who am I to judge. I hope you can recover from your quickened pace.

jeanne said...

"There's no shame in following a pretty girl for 15 miles who runs faster than you, is there?"

um, that would be a definite no. no shame at all. for me.

depends on who's doing the following i'd say!

nice pace. it's nice to have someone pushing you along...every now and then. (have you noticed how many susans you have in your life?)

Runner Susan said...

yeah David! just how many susans are in your life?

9:30s? You'll drop me like Rich.

David said...

I never have enough Susan in my life.

Maddy said...

You are much to fast for me! Any race we have, you will surely win!

My son has a tennis tournament tomorrow, so I am missing the Miracle Miles.

If you and Susan would like to meet up at the Seminole Wekiva Trail let me know.

Just12Finish said...

Shame? Let me give it a few tries and get back to you.

Bex said...

You're building speed and endurance! Must be the pretty girls ...