It should not have counted

I had 7x800 on Tuesday. Tomorrow is 8 miles.

The intervals should not have counted, for as slow as I ran. They were 8:19 mile pace average for seven 800s. How slow is that? I did 5 800s at 7:17 pace back in early July. I can hardly declare them intervals at that rate.

But I did 'em. Despite.

My back is tight. Right knee is sore; etc. So do you care? No.

I look forward to tomorrow's eight miles. Let's see how far away from the house I can get before I realize I am just dead.

This weekend is 17. Boy, am I ready.



Darrell said...

Just know that you won't be alone out there with the 17.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

What were the temps like this week compared to last week? I know when it gets hot, I can't move at all.

17 sounds good, David. I may try that too. :D

ShoreTurtle said...

I feel your sarcasm.

Runner Susan said...

You are more ready than I, David. Join me in Septemeberathon.

jeanne said...

DO WE CARE?! you know we care!

i'm blamming the heat for everything this year. feel free to join me.

Maddy said...

I bet your knew is related to your back.

Time to see Hank.

I am going to schedule a massage for myself on Tuesday.

Joe said...

Do the schedule. Just like you advised me!!

You, Darrell and I all did 17 today...hope yours went well. The back will loosen up.