Try this at home but not at the beach

My Sunday worked out just perfectly but for one foolish oversight.

Saturday night I drank some leftover Zipfizz, the immensely satisfying and energizing drink I like during runs. It gave me a buzz that made my sleep restless, so I got up at 5-ish which was not entirely necessary but, hey, I was up. I had some breakfast and planned my 14-mile morning run.

I was out the door with my cooler to stash down behind the wall and down the street. I jogged on over to Park Avenue in the crisp cool morning air (yeah, I'm trying to fool you and me) with a few minutes to spare - this weekend. A small gathering headed out for the run.

I immediately fell behind. Then when I heard Kim and an insanely attractive new running mate coming up behind me I found my stride and quickened my pace in multiple ways. With the new surge I found myself catching up to my group and leaving them behind for a mile. Then they caught and passed me.

It was that kind of run. I will call it a fartlek. I kept going end-of-marathon slow (including walks) for a spell and then pushing a pace with long strides, quick turnovers, fluid form and all other natural ingredients. I finished on the quick pace side which gave me great satisfaction. I also found my Zipfizz doses gave me extra oomph that was noticeable. It has become repeatedly noticeable over the last several weekends. I might have something to work with now.

Once home, I walked the dogs and jumped in the car to go to the beach. Unlike last weekend with Mrs. T I caught every red light out of town. Nevertheless I got lucky at the beach and got the last parking spot in my targeted beach area.

It was then that I made a crucial error in judgment. I left the car with chair, umbrella, cooler and beach bag. What's missing? Sandals. The sand from the parking area to the boardwalk was worse than hot coals (It must be. Anybody want to challenge me on that?). Naturally, with 50 some odd days of NYC Marathon training left, I now have big red blisters on my soles. Can't wait to try those 12x400s tomorrow.

The beach was wonderful with a cool breeze. I read the paper and did Sudoku puzzles, ate my lunch, had a big Fosters 32 oz. can of beer and did a fair amount of people watching. The water ocean was a little robust but it made for a good soaking.

Mrs. T came home late last night while I was asleep. Small blessings can be yours when your son has a drivers license and a nocturnal lifestyle. It was nice to see her again in the morning.


Runner Susan said...

I need to try some of this Zipfizz. I also need some pretty big blessings for New York.

Joe said...

Oh yeah, the sandals, gotta remember the sandals.

Boy, hope those blisters heal up!

jeanne said...

what about that anthony robbins guy--the motivational speaker? people pay him MONEY so they can walk over hot coals.

and here you got to do it for free!