Things get done ..

I bought my airline tickets to:
  • NYC Marathon - Nov 4

  • Army-Navy Game, Baltimore - Dec 1
I made my reservations with:
  • Brother's family in NJ

  • Lord Baltimore Radisson
I paid the price for admission and now have at least two personal indulgences to fulfill this year.

Speaking of indulgences, I came home for lunch yesterday and realized I had no late afternoon appointments or deadlines and there would be slim to no chance of afternoon thunderstorms. With that in mind I packed a bag, went back to work and, at 4:45 slipped into the men's room to change.

By 5 p.m. I was on my way to Cocoa Beach. By 6:30 I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. It was at least 10 degrees warmer than Rhode Island but was still refreshing; just not quite as much.

This morning I went over to do 3x1600 repeats. After last week's debacle I was only hopeful as opposed to confident. I did the first two at around 8:05 pace and slowed down considerably on the fourth. I stopped at 1200 meters. To give myself the satisfaction of getting it done and improving my speed I did 4x100 at :22 each to finish.


Jank said...

Glad to hear Life's returning to normal. Hope you're sufficiently braced for the new school year...

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Joe said...

Blog comment junk...what a blight. Sorry you got hit...you may want to add the code word feature.

To running...The two 8:05s sound good...sorry you couldn't carry it to the third.

Gee, take a run to the ocean after work...I can only imagine!!

Donald said...

I've heard Army/Navy is an experience every sports fan should do at least once. I'd love to see it someday, despite my lack of military pedigree (unless AF brat counts). Have fun!