I survived the run but it involved a lot of walking. It was high 70s to low 80s from 7:00-9:41:35 this morning. Chris was back after four weeks of injury. We ran slowly together to catch up on the weeks we've not seen each other. Gratefully, he walked whenever I walked. I attribute my day to all the yard work Friday and yesterday.

What is new for me is that my weight has dropped like a rock. I've beem flirting around 160 for two months now and as soon as I got home from vacation, the meals got smaller, the drinks stopped flowing, work kicked in and the heat boiled all the fluids into the atmosphere. I came in this morning from the run barely making it to 152.8 lbs. I lost 4.2 pounds on the morning run and that was after downign copious amounts of Zipfizz, Gatorade and water along the route.

I am heading for a nap now. I could use more shuteye too. I read that in Runners World. Yeah, I need more sleep.


Joe said...

Solid long run...yes the humidity will take it out of you...literally and figuatively, as your weight demonstrates.

Hope your work week goes well.

Runner Susan said...

It was brutal for me too, and I endured it for 20 minutes longer . . . which I think actually makes me the loser.

Bex said...

What's Zipfizz?! And I don't miss running in the heat and humidity. I'm in Tahoe, where it's nice and dry and in the mid-70's. But we head out later today ....

jeanne said...

you walk during runs too??!?! you have no idea what a comfort that is to me.

and i hate it when i drop weight like a rock.

as if!