All systems NO

We shut it down on Tuesday.

After last Sunday's death march School Opened on Monday. On site at 6 a.m. at the new high school to coordinate full blown live media coverage and classroom visits. 11 a.m. visit by the governor to a rags-to-success elementary school followed by second governor stop at our poster child high school for a few classroom tours and pep rally. No lunch. Late day. Wiped out.

Tuesday called for 5x1200s. 15 laps. In lap 7 it was apparent I was not in peak health. I walked it in and went back to bed. At 12:30 I woke up and did not feel so hot. I stayed home all day. I have a summer cold. Rest is vital.

Wednesday I went back to work, feeling better. If I'd gone home at 5 I'd have been OK. I stayed until 6:30 and felt like my eyes would not work in any way other than looking straight ahead. I went to bed at 8:30 both Wednesday and Thursday nights to catch up on rest and downed some benadryl to dry up. That got me to today and the cold is still with me.

I skipped my run on Thursday and have 15 miles booked for tomorrow. If I baby it today, I'll try tomorrow.

For you pool minders, I have made progress. The water is an "appealing" color of green now. Still dense but not so slimy looking. Maybe by Thanksgiving it will be clear and swimmable. More toxic remedies to come.


21stCenturyMom said...

Your training sounds like it is going pretty well - good work.

I finally got my pool blue - it only took a year.

Do yourself a favor and buy 12 bottles of liquid chlorine and pour all of them in the pool at once. Run the filter all night. It will help. This is what I did last year after my pool had turned soup green in a heat wave.

A couple days ago I finally poured a gallon of algecide in there, too. Today, after a year of dealing with this problem (including all kinds of expensive remedies and using alum to 'flocculate' the particles) I have a clear, blue pool. Skip the alum, by the way. It's a pain. I'm thinking that if I had used the algecide a month ago it would have been a really good idea.

Good luck!

Joe said...

Oh my!! I hope you didn't get the same bug I had for two weeks.

Re: running...pay attention to your hydration, particularly, on your 15 miler. Drink more water before. All the benadryl and other antihistimines will dry out your system. Take it easy but don't be surprised if you feel lousy and/or have to pack it in.

Hope you and the guv had a great time. Thanks for being in the schools.

jeanne said...

well, no i know where i picked up MY summer cold! um, THANKS!

really, hope you feel better soon. there's NOTHING worse than a summer cold.

except maybe a winter one.

Jank said...

This post is really interesting to read (going backwards) after the post about the long run. So happy everything came together.