Bank on it

I posted practically every other day while on vacation so I do not feel guilty for going the whole week without an update. I figure I had some in the bank. Since we last posted ....

Last weekend was another beauty on the beach in RI. Susie showed up mid-afternoon Saturday. There was an adults only bathing suit optional party at the beach that evening. If I had known less I might have expected something pretty sensational. But I knew better. It was basically all the seniors from the colony who have nothing less than grown up kids. After the sun went down and with the breeze nobody went in the water with or without suits.

The Auld Guard came together as the young guard for the occasion and tried to be unsociable just like we were in the 60s but the old folks drew us into the party and we actually had a good time. What does that say about us?

Susie wiggled out of a run Sunday morning claiming first exhaustion, then church as her reason to skip. I went out for about four miles, then packed and headed to the airport in Providence.

The 6:30 flight left at 10 p.m. and we were home at 12:45, in bed at 0-2-hundred. The "stress" of the flight delays set me off on just the wrong track for the first day of work. The rest of the week was a case of catch up on work, sleep and home chores.

The pool was green. The lawn needed a cut. The dogs had expressed their displeasure with us leaving for 17 days. So there was much to clean up.

I ran on Wednesday at the track. The plan called for 6x800 and I was bound and determined to git 'er dun. No mas at three. The humidity and heat took some adjusting to after being away as long as I was.

Thursday I went out again and polished off a vigorous seven miles at tempo pace (9:10) and felt strong throughout and all day long. By Friday I had acclimated to the weather, work and house with three late afternoon hours laboring in the yard. That afforded me a weekend that could be somewhat leisurely.

Tomorrow Runner Susan and I will be doing our 13 miles together but in different time zones. We're on the same plan for the same race. We will get serious about this pretty soon here, I know. Maybe tomorrow.


Joe said...

A great vacation, David...great family pix.

A green pool, eh?? Good climate for algae...

Have a good 13 tomorrow...NYCM awaits

Amy said...

Good luck on your long run and all those chores. Vacation is always refreshing and exhausting.

21stCenturyMom said...

So are those all high school friends? Too much fun.

Love the shot with they guy in the green shirt and blue shorts stuffing his face - priceless.

The best way to get the green out is dump about 6 - 10 gallons of liquid chlorine in the pool (depending on size). Never mind that fancy pants stuff they try to sell you at the pool store.

jeanne said...

looks like too much fun! you're so lucky to have a group like that who have known you for so long. what a blessing.

and why is it i don't even flinch when i see a 4-hour plane delay?

you clearly should have scheduled a vacation from your vacation.

Just12Finish said...

Welcome back to the real world. Funny, every time I turn around for a minute, my pool turns green too. Unfortunately, I'm our pool guy.