Last summer weekend

School starts Monday. Bleh.

It's the usual hot but unseasonably dry weekend here in F-L-A. There are no easy runs in this weather.

Tuesday I did 10x400s at about 7:45 pace avg. Give me cool weather and I'll knock ten seconds off that.

Thursday I squeezed in five at a less-than-tempo pace before work. I was supposed to push it but I am not so worried about speed right now. Stamina has my attention.

The base miles of 10 long ones on Sunday are ramping up as I train for NYC. Last week was the last rollback to 10 until the Sunday before the race.

Tomorrow is the Celebration of Running 3.0 Mile race. An annual tradition of Track Shack, they are cutting it back from a 5K to 3.0M in celebration of their 30th anniversary. They limited the field to 1977 (the year they opened) and included dry-fit shirts as gift bag souvenir. Very nice. No orgy of sponsor logos either.

I will run to the race to warm up (3M), run the race (3M) and then go for eight more miles on the way home to get my 14 long run in. Somebody send the SAG cart to Park Avenue about 9:30 tomorrow. I may need it.

P.S. The pool is still green. I can't kill the algae but I think I know why. I have been under dosing the water. I had guessed its capacity years ago and was way off. It's 25,000 gallons; not 17,000. DOH!! Tomorrow it gets a lethal dose of Copper Algaecide.


Just12Finish said...

I use PhosFree to get rid of algae. Apparently gets rid of the "food" that the alage needs, along with that useless money I don't need.

21stCenturyMom said...

I'm dealing with green, too. The best antidote I have found is good old, super cheap liquid chlorine that they sell for those automatic chlorinators. It does wonders. I might go for algecide this time, too.

I've tried every other expensive treatment there is and they tend to be money down the drain (including Phosfree - sorry Just1)

jeanne said...

good luck tomorrow, even though tomorrow was last week.

i know the answer to the pool algae problem: live in an apartment!

hee hee