Six months down. Six to go.

Son Trevor is home for nine days leave after spending three weeks at Air Assault School in Ft. Campbell. His report is that he has a new respect for those who wear their AA wings.

I asked him to come out for a run this morning with my usual crowd. Here they are on Park Avenue before we got all hot and sweaty.

Leave ends early next week as he goes back to West Point to take charge of a squad of incoming plebe cadets, some six years his junior. It will be his largest assignment of men so far.

The 10-mile run this morning was ever so slightly better than last week despite the ongoing oppressive summer heat. Maybe I am aclimating a little more.

Wednesday both boys and I will run the Watermelon 5K. We went by the Track Shack Saturday to sign up and Trevor got to run for free because he promised the race director he'd run in full battle dress uniform, combat boots, helmet and full ruck sack - with an American flag sticking out the top. He says it'll be a piece of cake. Maybe an 11 minute mile pace. He ran 12 miles in the hills of Kentucky last week in the same gear at Air Assault so this should be "easy."

I am looking forward to the short week (Wednesday holiday) and the 10-day countdown to our Rhode Island vacation. Possible RBF meetups with April Anne, Bill Jank and definitely a reunion with Susie.

Have a happy fourth!


21stCenturyMom said...

You son will be the pride of the whole town when he runs in full battle gear. He will also be really hot but he already knows that. Can't wait for the pics!

Happy 4th

Maddy said...

I was on the fence about driving into town for the Watermelon 5k, now you're swaying me toward showing up.

Trevor Rocks!

and so does his dad.

Runner Susan said...

Trevor is going to be so hot in the uniform gear stuff . . . be sure and take lots of pictures! And drink plenty of water.

Happy 4th to you too.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck at the Watermelon 5K. I'm sure you will do great. Enjoy!

Lara said...

That sounds totally hot! I mean, ahem....cause it's Florida as all.

Enjoy running with your boys - that sounds like an awesome way to celebrate the 4th.

Rhea said...

Full battle gear?! Runners ARE masochists, aren't they?! Very cool (in a hot way), though. Take photos and run fast on Wednesday!

Joe said...

OoohAhhh! Congrats to Trevor for paying attention at AA school. No slouches there. Running in his ACUs and ruck will be cool. He'll get a lot of love from the crowd, I'm sure. Leading the plebe squad will be quite the leadership experience for him, as well. He can remember well what they are going through.

Have fun on the race Wednesday...do include some pix!

susie said...

Has it been a year? wow...great photo of us:)
take care and see you soon!