Crisp long run

I started the day with a 12 miler in what were low 60s cool conditions with an off shore breeze. I took the same route as last week, seeing more runners, two deer and more cars speeding to the beach. I stopped at Lamb's and charged a bottle of water on my account. That was better than carrying money.

After the run we took my sister, who lives here, to Dave's Coffee. She'd never been. I think she's hooked now.

As it was Sunday, we took the day off from chores and spent the day entertaining at the cabana and frolicking in the light surf. We walked out to Napatree Point, 1.5 miles down a barrier beach. The beach was full of beach-goers who had anchored their boats on the bay side and come ashore to enjoy the ocean. Napatree Point has an old gun emplacement from the Spanish American War out on the tip, guarding the Rhode Island side of the inlet to the Pawcatuck River. When I was much younger and the poison ivy was not as prevalent, we used to crawl all around and through that fort. The guns are gone but the concrete bunkers survive. No shot was ever fired.
Photos - Watch Hill lighthouse and schooner going by. Napatree Point sweeps out to point where fort is buried under overgrowth.


Anonymous said...

I belive that is a schooner in your first picture. I thought "3-master" sounded a little vague.

Runner Susan said...

12? I only did 9.3 miles. What is on the schedule this week? Aren't you supposed to keep me in line?

Darrell said...

This all sounds and looks wonderful, even the painting and yard work parts. Enjoy the rest your time there.

Bex said...

Okay, you're having waaay too much fun. :-) Your holiday looks and sounds very relaxing, and you deserve every minute of it. Quick question - why 12 miles? We're on the same marathon schedule - I'm aiming to do one in early November (not sure which one yet) - and Coach told me to do 16 (but I stopped at 15 as I ran half of the miles near marathon goal pace).

Maddy said...


All of your posts lead me to believe you are having the best vacation ever!

It sounds like you are rally enjoying it!

Lara said...

Wow, beautiful!!