Swedish summer weather

Really only Wednesday was bad weather up here and the forecast is excellent. Actually a little cooler. Yesterday and today were mostly sunny with a few late afternoon clouds. I plan to beach it both days this weekend.

Morning is the best time of all. I do not understand how people can sleep in so long when the sun is rising, the water still, the birds chirping, the light just right, and walkers and runners out for their morning rituals.

Our cabana has been in desperate need of a scrape and paint job so on Wednesday we went to the ACE store and bought more Swedish flag colors (yellow and blue). We scraped and sanded later Wednesday, painted ceilings yesterday and invited the friends to the beach today.
Little did they know (actually they knew) that we would be having a painting party. With the wind blowing as it was, inside the cabana was a good option. We're almost done. Maybe by Monday.

I ran 4.5 miles on the colony loop this morning. There's the Blessing of the Fleet Ten Miler next Friday night followed by the beer and seafood fest up in Narragansett. Word came today that Michelle will be there to run, as will April Anne and maybe Billy J, so we have a bona fide RBF meet-up race to look forward to. Bill was going to drop by today for a run but work washed that out.

I'm going up to the pre-race registration event at the Narragansett HS in the morning to make sure I get a shirt in the right size and to check out the course. I might even run some of it now that I'm thinking ..... hmmmmn.

Worked the yard hard the last two days too for the folks who are too old to do it anymore. It's almost four acres on the water and much has overgrown over the years. The yard guys only come three times a year and they only seem to trim it up neat. I am into pruning and major surgery to restore pond views and clear pathways. My tasks require a lot of debris removal. The folks are happy with that.

I saw Susie's folks yesterday. We didn't chat at all as we were in slow passing cars. It looks like they've done some work at their camp. Susie arrives next weekend. Hurray.


susie said...

hurray indeed. I am in desperate need of a RI beach and Dave's coffee.

Joe said...

Awesome vacation...good for you and the debris removal.

Lara said...

It all does sound lovely. Though perhaps on your next vacation you could visit me - my cabin needs staining.

Just12Finish said...

Nice of you to put in some muscle on your vacation.

jeanne said...

when does your vacation start?!?!
what a nice husband/son you are.

Runner Susan said...

Holy cow. You've posted like a million posts since I've checked last. Where have I been? Awesome cabana colors!