Gosh, it's Friday

I have been just having a fantastic week and not writing about it. The weather has been perfect for the beach and since my laptop does not work there I have not been posting. Too bad.

I am looking forward to today's Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler in Narragansett and the RBF meet-up with Bill, April Anne and Michelle. The race is at 6:00. It's hot and muggy today (by Yankee standards) but I am not concerned. It will be my first ten mile race so it's an automatic PR unlesss I count my Sunday morning training run times which were sometimes pretty competitive, depending on the running mates.

Vay-cay Rewind. We went to see my sister's new house - and motorcycle collection - in Exeter on Monday and had a great dinner at a former creekside water pump house built from native granite stones. It was aptly named the Pump House and was very comfortable and homey.
Tuesday through Thursday were lazy mornings followed by gorgeous beach days. Yesterday we went out for breakfast at a Belgian restaurant and had - what else - Belgian waffles. Last night we hosted a big cookout for all our friends and family down at the cabana.

I put in two runs on Tuesday and Thursday of three and four miles respectively. I felt obliged to taper a little in advance of tonight's ten miler. With Susie and new hubby David arriving tomorrow I am reserving a few more miles to run with them Sunday morning before we head back to Florida.

Word is there are no hurricanes waiting for me.


21stCenturyMom said...

I was already wishing I were heading out to Nantucket with my sister. Now I'm practically in tears. *sniffle sniffle*

susie said...

Oh, man. I'm missing out on all the fun. Geeesh.....you sure know how to make a girl unhappy!!
Make sure you put a hold on the good weather for us. Please.

Just12Finish said...

Still on vacation? What, it's been like 3 months already?

Rae said...

Seriously, this is quite the vacay!