Full day

Today I managed to get Mrs. T up for an early trip to Narragansett. By 7:30 we were out the door for Cafe Americanos and bread crumb cakes at Dave's. Here's Dave's. They put in a smoothie bar and don't serve scones anymore but I discovered today that St. Clair's has them. We read the paper then headed east.

We got off at the Block Island Ferry exit --- signature site for my url --- and went down Pier Street to the middle school where runners were pre-registering for the Blessing of the Fleet Ten Miler next Friday night. They expect about 3,000 runners to traverse the mostly beautiful course that has a few miles of oceanside road with stately manses facing the water, some woods, a polo club, golf course, historic sites, a few hills and quaint Rhode Island neighborhoods. I look forward to the race with great anticipation.

We saw a ton of runners along the route. It must be tradition that on the Saturday before the race everybody registers and runs the course as a warm-up. After checking out where things were we went north along the coastline to sightsee. By 10:30 we were on our way home and to the paint store.

We bought more paint for the cabana and met my sister down in Watch Hill. We finished our Swedish color scheme with only the floors to do. Tomorrow we rest and admire our work. Laura M and family are coming down to admire it with us and soak up the sun and admire the boats.

I know a reader out there who has a weakness for boats so I took a few pictures for her. She also has a craving for Dave's coffee which got her salivating a few paragraphs ago.


Just12Finish said...

That 10-miler sounds like a great race. Lucky you!

Michelle said...

i can't wait!

Joe said...

Awesome vacation...put it in a bottle to keep on the shelf when the school politics get hot and heavy this fall, David!!!

21stCenturyMom said...

She's not the only one salivating.

Thanks a lot for that!

Sounds like a great run coming up.

jeanne said...

lucky you!

wait, that's already been said.

oh well.

lucky you!

Runner Susan said...

There's lots of admiring going on here. I wish I was at the beach.

Dave said...

Hi David,

We were just "googling" the coffee shop and came across your blog.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Additionally, great blog.

Hope you enjoy your future visits and time in RI.

-Dave of Dave's Coffee