Not so cool

All the Auld Guard is here and we had a big dinner party Saturday night at J&K's house. I went light on the beer so I could run this morning. I left Mrs. T at the party to walk home so I could slide under covers and get some shut eye. Is 11 late?

I was up at 6 and out the door by 7 on a 12 mile route down US 1 to Shore Road. Along the north side of the pond I stopped for water at the golf course then on and left down Winnapaug Road to Misquamicut. The official weekend beach headquarters was just coming to life as I jogged through at 8:15. I stopped for more water at the state beach pavillion and move on down Atlantic Avenue towards Weekapaug. I stopped at the snack bar/store that was once Lamb's and bought some water. I saw the toasted onion bagels and vowed to come back after the run.

I cruised up Fenway to Noyes Neck and back to the Shore Road and east to Shelter Harbor. It was hot out there. Really. I was not dripping like I do in Florida but the sun was beating down pretty hard.

Once home I rustled up the family and told them to get in the car. It was time to go to the beach and stop at Lambs for lunch and my bagel. I remember last summer being asked whether I wanted to pay cash or put it on account. This time I asked about the account business. For two weeks I can charge anything I want at the store (breakfast, lunch, drinks, etc.) and settle up when we leave. Now I feel like a certified summer resident. I just don't have a BMW or Range Rover rental car to put on all the airs.


Lara said...

That sounds like a most lovely run. And you should be careful about advertising this account business - all us RBFers are liable to stop by Lamb's and put our bagels on your tab.

susie said...

I am so jealous. Somehow a laptop conference in Memphis doesn't compare to a sandwich from Lambs.

Darrell said...

I love the names of those places, it just sounds like vacation, not to mention a whole different era. Enjoy, enjoy!

jeanne said...

did i mention that i love new england???! what am i doing living here in the swamplands?!?!

Just12Finish said...

Dude - ask about putting one of them Beemers on account too ... settle up later :-)