Runway to Rundown

I stayed up late last night to watch Project Runway. The drama of having two already dismissed designers come back for a win-or-leave challenge was intriguing but the assignment was not so special nor were the resulting designs. Nevertheless, I was hooked to watch it until the end.

So at 11 pm I closed my eyes and they opened next at 6 am. Seven hours is usually enough but I woke up in a state that said "rundown" and "stay in bed." I pondered that briefly, considering quite vaguely what I thought was my schedule for the day. I could not remember exactly but did know the weather forecast was wet.

I got up, put on my shorts and clown shoes (the Asic Evolution stability shoes) and went towards the door. I had a glass of water on the way out. No breakfast. I paced along nicely at about 9:00 miles wondering all along whether I could still run on an empty stomach. Did you ever have a spell when you thought you ran best on an empty stomach in the morning? I did for the first year or two of running (starting in 1999). I think I have damn well gotten over that foolishness.

Anyway, at mile 3 of 5 I just ran out of gas. I debated whether it was the tiredness, clown shoes or lack of food. I decided it was all three and that I did not need to die today, so started walking. How could I pound out 18 miles one day and be so pooped four days later and not finish a 5-miler?

So the day was a drag all the way through. When the COO was heading for the door at 5:55 and said, "Time to go home," as he usually does, I finally agreed with him.

At home I mowed half the lawn and then it rained. That's all she wrote for Thursday. Oh, I did watch Katie Couric for the first time. Not bad. I still prefer NBC of the big 3.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I hear Katie is thinner in magazines that she is on TV. ;)

I wouldn't sweat the 5'er, David. Sometimes the tiredness catches up with you. Did you ever monitor your heart rate in the morning? Supposedly if its high, then you didn't get enough rest and you need to take a rest day or back off on the run that day. Maybe you just needed an extra rest day to recover.

Mia Goddess said...

That's funny about the empty stomach. Me too! I used to never eat breakfast, but now I can't imgaine trying to run without oatmeal, or a banana, or an english muffin with peanut butter.

P/R...I liked Michael's so much and I thought Laura's was super cute too. Especially because her model and I have the exact same legs, so I know it will look super great on me. :)

21st Century Mom said...

I always ran on am empty stomach until I did a marathon with TNT and learned better. Now it's coffee and toast or I don't go!

Kels said...

I'm kind of ashamed to admit it now but I always run on an emtpy stomach except for long runs. Then I have oatmeal or a banana. Also I don't fuel up on long runs unless it's over 12. I don't notice that much difference in my running whether I eat beforehand/during or not but maybe I will be converted someday.

jeanne said...

Laura laura laura!!! i love her clothes...i'm so GLAD she won finally! of course, you can't actually have breasts and wear her clothes...and how is it that she is pregnant and still has no breasts???!!! (I should so be writing this on mia's site...)

I also slept great last night for the first time in weeks. maybe something to do with P.R.?

In other news, your question about how you can run 18 and then not finish 5?? please let me know when you find out the answer to that, one of life's persistent questions. I swear part of it is mental. cuz you know...running is...

Susan said...

I was crushed when Katie moved to nightime. I watch the today show everyday. Most days (except PR days) it's the only day I watch TV. Why did she do it David? Why?

Rae said...

We all have our dead leg days, it's just one of those things.

Runway was OK, I'm for Kevin. They all seem really predictable this season and the challenges are just getting goofy. Next week they'll have to use their needles and pins in the outfit somehow.

susie said...

Since I don't watch tv anymore, I can't comment on PR or Katie. I will tell you that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself for one run. But you know that already. Now tell me, cuz Friday's run sucked.