The next best thing

I realized after my 15-miler today that the next best thing in the world for me is a hot shower or bath after a long taxing run. There is just something about that flow of hot water down my back that is superb.

I really was not in the mood to run long this morning. I made unconfirmed plans in my head in preparation last night (what to eat, when to go, what to pack, what to wear), so when I got up this morning I fixed a bagel and put my secret blueberry jam on it. Then I got to reading very interesting blogs off Derek Rose's site and almost missed my time to go.

I jogged up to the Park Avenue (2 miles), met Jack, Ed and Dave, and started off on the 10 mile loop. Not far along we ran into Chris and Tim who turned around and joined us.

Thank goodness for Tim. I hadn't seen him in a few weeks. He's training for NYC Marathon, 2-3 times a week, which boggles me that he can get ready on as few as two runs a week. He had done 22 miles on Wednesday.

Anyway, Tim and I surged off ahead of the rest of the group and ran together the whole way. If I had not had my running buddy, it would have been a long morning.

We ran into Kim and Mary and a few other folks. It was your typical fall marathon training Sunday morning. I took Gu, water, Powerade at all the right spots and felt good coming home. I saved my hills for the last two miles so to simulate MCM. I hope they'll help.

The rest of the day has been sunbathing, jumping in the pool, eating hotdogs and mindless thinking. Is there football on? I wouldn't know.

Have a good week everybody. [So what is the best thing?]


Rae said...

Great job on the 15!! MCM will be here before you know it!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Secret blueberry jam? Aha! I knew you were doping. You know, David, that can only lead to heartbreak.

The next best thing is???

susie said...

I know.

jeanne said...

ain't saturday mornings grand??! i'm gonna miss 'em!