8 and 20

8 - Thursday I got up early after a decent night's sleep (thank goodness Project Runway was not on Wednesday night) and laced up my oldest pair of Kayanos. I had eight miles to cover and I thought there were plenty enough miles left in those AK1s as I call them. In mile 6 my left calf started screaming. Whether it was the old shoes, lack of cross training at the gym on Wednesday or something else, I was a hurtin' puppy.

All day Thursday and Friday my upper inside calf was tight. I massaged it, Icy hotted it, rolled it and ibuprofinned it. My bestest massage therapist friend in the world gave me a telephone assessment so I stretched my adductors good and hard yesterday and this morning before running 20.

I feared the worst. I almost cancelled when my car wouldn't start after work yesterday. I needed to go buy Gatorade and beer! I jump started it and found it had an electrical problem. It sits at the shop as I write.

20 - I had breakfast early and met up with Susan and Patty on Park Avenue at 5:40. We hadn't run together since April. They were glad to do something different than what they have been doing and I was happy for some new company.

I led them on two 10-mile loops around town. Patty fell of our pace at about 8 miles so I pushed Susan as hard as I dare. There were plenty of water, Gatorade and Gu stops along the way. We chatted the first loop and worked hard and mostly quiet the second loop.

Our time was 3:33 for 20 miles. Good for her. Fine for me. I sprinted into the finish area which gave me confidence about the MCM finish and further training.

The adductor doesn't hurt too bad. I stretched well. I took another ibuprofin.

A cheeseburger lunch with a beer made my day complete.


21st Century Mom said...

That 3:33 sort of puts a marathon PR right in the bull's eye, non? Nice going!

jeanne said...

cheeseburger in paradise! nice! i'm only one hour and change behind you.
not that it's a race or anything.

Joe said...

Nice pair of runs, David. Though I might suggest you also have a new pair of lawn-mowing shoes now!!

Very cool to see your comeback from the injuries. MCM will be here soon. The 20 miler with a strong finish is indeed an encouragement!

Michelle said...

well done david! i look forward to that finishing sprint with you ;)

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

3:33 WOW!! Nice work! You are going to rock the MCM.

Susan said...

you should be feeling pretty good about mcm now . . . you are well prepared. I'm with Joe - how many excuses do you need before you stop wearing those shoes?