How did I run 7:24?

It was August 13, 2005. The first mile of a 5K race in the doggest month of the year. 80F and sunny. My first mile was 7:24.
I am amazed.
The rest of the race (7:33, 7:43 and change) contributed to my 5K PR of 23:26.
I haven't done a measured mile in less than 7:45 since except for mile 4 of a November 2005 10K race that I ran just before its sister 5K (doin' the "double"). Boy, I felt great back then.
What has happened?
I had never run more than 15 miles before that double. I did over Thanksgiving and for some time after that as I ramped up for my first marathon - Miami.
Now I am training for another and even in the 1600 intervals I cannot get close to 7:24 much less flirt with 7:45.
Today was 4 x 1600 and I felt fine (although I skipped eating again) and ran 8:00, 7:51, 8:07 and 8:07. I love the speed work but I am not finding speed. The form feels right (low shoulders, arms down and hands moving to and fro, lower back loose, legs turning over, etc.) but the juice is sour.
What to do?


Bex said...

How many miles are you running per week? And you know marathon-training slows you down a bit. Perhaps make one of your runs during the week a pace workout? That'll remind your legs what zippy feels like.

jeanne said...

I think you are doing great. I'm sure it must be frustrating to slow down ... but it doesn't seem like you've slowed down that much!

Keep on truckin'...and as someone once told me, just GET OUT THERE AND DO IT and quit whining!!!

Joe said...

Not sure you need to do anything but keep on doing what you're doing, David.

Hey, you've come off an injury and a long way to work back. Your focus is on MCM right now, not the Animal Shelter 5K. Training has specificity and you are going for endurance.

I wouldn't sweat it...get your base back and the speed will come when you target it.

Susan said...

you're still good David. The only thing I can see you are doing different is the number of runs per week . . . which I actually think is pretty smart . . . I might steel it for my Houston training.

David said...

I have to admit I do not hurt at all training for this marathon ... knock on wood ... yet.

I do speed work Tuesdays and tempo work Thursdays. Weekend is long.

After the MCM I may refocus on 5Ks and 10Ks. This race is to prove to myself that my Miami effort can be bettered.