Almost meeting target pace

Alright; now I have an idea what this training plan means. The target paces for my interval, tempo and long runs are geared off my "best" 10K race time pace. Did I ever write about how ridiculous I found those to be? Maybe not because it's embarrassing. I was always way off. I am still not there but Tuesday morning was different.

Let me first recap my complaints: since last Thursday my left side adductor has been causing soreness all the way down to my calf. I have been stretching like a La Nouba acrobat. I have been conducting meditative stretch sessions where I am "one with the leg." Interesting exercise in paying attention, by the way.

To reduce all causes of pain born by shoes I put on my Evolution motion controllers ... and clown nose. I ate breakfast and went out the door to do 12 x 400 intervals at the track.

I wish I had had a camera. You cadet porn lovers might have appreciated the shots I could have taken of the Army company out on the infield doing their PE routine.

While they rolled around in the morning dew I put down 12 laps with a mission to "finish them all." Previous efforts had me fine for 7-8 circuits before I slacked off. Today I kept every one of them at or under 1:50.0. Only the last lap read 1:50. I dropped the mile pace average to 7:12 from my previous best of 7:20. The target pace is 7:05 according to my training table. I am closer anyway.

Lessons learned: 1. Get your race head on and keep pushing. Maybe the meditating stretches helped with focus. 2. Run when the military is there. MCM in five weeks. Check. 3. Keep stretching. The adductor is still tight but the calf has loosened up. Progress. Sherlene in two weeks for final tuneup.

Now, can I do a 5-miler at 8:30 pace on Thursday? Come back and find out.


ShoreTurtle said...

I've found my training plan based on the 10K to be challenging. I'm glad that my best 10K time is a little slow. Have you been cross training? I've been a major slacker, though my official excuse is that I'm trying to rest my body. Good luck.

jeanne said...

holy cow, i can't do it either based on 10k! between you and bex, you are helping me get my race head on!

21st Century Mom said...

Thou dost tease with the mention of Cadet P0rn...

Excellent run, though. Sounds like this FAST program is working for you.

Ice that leg!

susie said...

Awww, you're just having sympathy adductor pains, aren't you?
Nice speed, David

Rae said...

Ha! I was wondering if it was time to go see miracle worker Sherlene again.

5 weeks!! Man, time really is flying!!

Susan said...

You could get a La Nouba outfit to go with those clown shoes . . . so, were you "one with the 8:30 pace" on your 5-miler?

Joe said...

David, not to jump in with too much advice, but I've found a LOT of help on this question of 10K vs marathon pace from the McMillian Pace Calculator


Ostensibly, the calculator works off of your VO2 capacity and tells you what that means for various distances.

It's helped me a lot. FWIW!!