New place

For some reason my laptop cannot pick up the wireless so I am at the old fashioned desktop piece of junk my younger son loathed. It works okay for me and he's away at school, so I am fine with it; except I do not have my excel spreadsheets to tab to for details on my Thursday run.

Here's what I remember: I stepped outside and it was cold. Somewhere south of 70F (maybe 69F). I went back in and put on a shirt. Can you believe it? And wouldn't you know that by the end of the run my nips were tender sore knobs. Hey! When you never run in a shirt these things happen. I guess I better train for that now too.

I wore the clown stability shoes again. They actually felt good for some corrective reason. I ran hard throughtout the 5-miler cussing my 10K best time like a mad mother. 8:30 pace my butt-tocks. I managed about 8:45 and came in at 44:04, a 4th best time for the route. 42-something was my best ever.

Project Runway sidebar - what a great show last Wednesday. Jeanne sent me a link to a boff interview with Laura. Bug her for it if you want.

Orchestra sidebar - stopped by the high school lst night to find a mom with a phone number I needed. While looking through the crowd I did not watch the kids playing - just listened. Damn, they were really good. Nary a wrong note and very sweet music. I'll have to go back when they are joined by the band and chorus in some big extravaganza in November.

My training bud principals all have long runs tomorrow (20 or 22). I only have 15 so it looks like I'll chill until Sunday and go with the 7 a.m. crowd. I feel like it'll be easy. How wrong could I be? Tune in Sunday night.


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brent said...

love that spam. good luck on the 15!

Lara said...

How was the video? If you were meby not satisfied, I've got a video I'll send you.

susie said...

Of course it will be easy. And you will be so ready for the MCM. Are you going to stick with the stability shoes?

jeanne said...

nice work! but get some nipguards, brother!