Interval day

I never thought I'd finish my 8 x 800s this morning. That was on the 3rd 800. Somehow I kept plugging away and when I was done I felt like doing some more running so I aired it out with a set of four 100 meter sprints. That got all the crinks out. [What's a crink?] Honest to goodness they felt great.

My 800 times were pedestrian; somewhere between 3:55 and 4:02 for the most part. I thought it might be the Kayanos I was wearing. They were not my new ones. They were not my old ones either. They were my really old ones that were too narrow at one time. I loosened the laces up all the way and retied them so that I have no compression crimping my forefoot. They have 350 miles on them but that's about the same as my old Kayanos. I thought I might sneak a few more runs in with them to save tread on the newer ones.

I am starting to think I am slower than last year. Last year was a PR year all across the board. Harder training made a difference. Following a plan made a difference. But I seemed to have plateaued for the time being, if not aged "gracefully." I wonder if it's from LD training and not as much short stuff and 5Ks which used to be my bread and butter.

I am also five pounds heavier than I was the first half of the year. I probably look better but I may not be as lean and mean as I once was. Or I could blame it all on my dog. I can't decide which dog but I promise I won't kick either one.


21st Century Mom said...

Sounds to me like your dogs are barking - "New Shoes - Woof!"

Or it's just one of 'those' days. We all have them, you know.

Susan said...

Harder training does made a difference. I have not doubt you'll do much better at this marathon.

As for that 5 pounds - don't make me hurt you. Or your dog.

beverly said...

Yeah, what Susan said.

Hush about the five pounds. I'm sure the definition of "lean and mean" has a link to this blog. :)