Catching a wave

In my renewed effort to get on schedule and in shape I went over to the fitness center at the college on Monday to exert myself on the machines to "enhance" the upper body that has been generally neglected for, oh, say 30 years. Mrs. T has reinforced that point off and on for long enough, albeit with some discretion, to drive me to a new level excellence. (albeit: isn't that a great word?)
So I ripped through the machines in 30 minutes and became familiar enough to move faster in the future.
Tuesday was speed work day and I went up to the track with hopes of running into the Marathonfesters so I could see who exactly was in the group. There must have been 30-40 of them. In the dark I couldn't quite tell. I did see four people I knew which was good. I may try to catch on with them on a weekend long run down the road from now. The Tuesday gang was there an hour before me so I know I won't be joining them in time to do the speedwork.
I did 3 x 1600 in "okay" times of 7:50, 7:40 and 7:45. The target was 7:30 but I am just not there right now. Maybe a little later. (Yeah right, old man!)


Jank said...

Yeah, old man... HA! Would that I end up like you when my kids are off to college...

Though, I should get down to the gym myself before Mrs. J. has 20 years of giving me grief about it.

Joe said...

Abs work is a huge help albeit with a price of a trip to the gym or mere crunches at home.

Speed workouts are a huge help albeit the precision of time and distance usually require a track.

Blogging commenters are always welcome albeit sometimes they are genuine smart alecks.

Running Jayhawk said...

Albeit...yes, yes that IS a great word!!! :)

And I'd just like to throw in that I am super jealous of those split times. :sigh: You, old man, leaves this, young chick, in the d-u-s-t.

neese said...

"albeit" is nice, indeed.

the times are more than "okay" to me! good job!