Time was on my side

I did 17 this morning. I ran with lots of people for different stretches of the route. Kind souls shared their Gatorade and water. I shared my Gatorade and Gu. I blew the timing part of it when my Polar reset to the clock time and I lost the cume elapsed time. Oh well.

I started from my house and ran to downtown. I had planned to go the longer of two routes there to knock off the longer of the legs to complete my 17. Trouble started when I left too late. Then I had a construction potty break to take. I arrived about 3 minutes late but I was not the last to arrive. Phew.

It was overcast for the most part and only 95% humid as opposed to 100% so it was not as bad as it could have been. I felt pretty good all the way around with numerous stops for fluids. In the last two miles I had to practice a few more "water stop" walks. Honestly, they are important. I remember how in Miami I tried to start up too quickly after a slow down/walk/stop. Now I have a quick shuffle worked out to get me moving again. From there it only gets better.

I made it home by 955 so it was a long slow run: 3:25. I lost four pounds in that time too. I jumped in the pool, stretched, took a hot shower and fixed up a nice 2nd breakfast with lots of water (I put 3 pounds back on). It's been a lazy day all day, except for registering - finally - for New Haven.

Oh .... and did you notice that the Caribbean hurricance Ernesto has now be reforecast to come right through Orlando on Thursday???? I hope to be in the air Wednesday night and on the ground in New England Thursday morning.


Joggerblogger said...

Fingers crossed about Ernesto, what's Gu?

Kels said...

I am keeping an eye on Ernesto as well. I hope that it doesn't mess up your plans. :-) Good luck in the 20K!

Bex said...

Here's hoping you outrun Ernesto! And it looks like you will. Good 16-miler, by the way.

Joe said...

Have a great time in New Haven, David. Do say hello to Di and the rest of the New England RBFers as well!!

Susan said...

I hope you'll get into New England without a problem . . . great job on the 17 David, I'm certain practicing those water stops is going to help more than you know. Your training is going so well.

jeanne said...

great job on the 17!! i guess my goal time for 18 miles was a wee bit unrealistic, since it was 3:30, which i missed by oh, 45 minutes!!!

Have fun in new haven, my home town!