New spin on slacking off

It was hot and humid this morning. Shock. I was happy to see I only had five miles on the docket after worrying that it would be seven. I went out at about 600 and started quickly. It was meant to be a tempo run, or so I intended.

I came in at 47 minutes and change which is really stinky. What happened is that the Project Runway Effect caught up with me. I could not turn off the show last night and so only had six hours of sleep; plus I went out with nothing more than a glass of water in my belly.

At the fourth mile I changed strategy. Instead of a tempo run I, uh, practiced my water stop pacing. Yeah, that's what I did. I pretended there was a table just ahead and lots of people in the way. I stopped and pretended to grab some drink refreshment for about 25 steps then started up again. I ran 200 steps and imagined another water stop. I practiced my slow down-walk--stop-walk-fast walk-jog-run routine a few times to get me home. Phew. It is brutal out there.

I was dizzy when I came in the house - but only briefly. A bottle of Gatorade had me right as well as a shower. I have to say I am in good flexibility shape. When I stretch after my runs I do not get caught in any lock ups or screaming muscle spasms. Maybe that comes later.

The next two weeks will ramp up my training mileage. It's not much (30 miles/week) but it's going to be a test. The MCM is just 10.5 weeks away! I booked my flights today and confirmed my lodging. For those of you in the DC area I arrive midday on Friday the 27th and leave Monday morning the 30th.

I still need to figure out if I need a car. In to National Airport (I understand only Republicans call it Reagan) and staying in Arlington a few miles from the start line. Will the Metro get me around?


susie said...

I'll let the DC group respond, but, yes, my recollection is that you can get anywhere you want via Metro. We are going to be there for the race, but if you don't get better offers from Jeanne and Bex for the other times, we could bring you South 55 miles. What kind of help do you want/need during the race? I can hold your Gu :)

Jank said...

ditto what Susie said - if you're just going from Arlington to MCM type places, you should be fine without a car.

And am I the only one who finds walk-run-walk more tiring than just gutting out the ruN?

jeanne said...

No car needed!! you'll go to the Pentagon city stop, and walk to the start.

and i like the water stop practice. awesome!!

i'm not even going to YELL at you about going out so ill-prepared. lucky you!

21st Century Mom said...

Good job on that water stop practice. Most of us forget to do that and get all jumbled up!

Rae said...

I was very sad A was booted on Project R, I was hoping for Vincent or the annoying redhead!! UGH!

Great job with the training!

Susan said...

Project Runway Effect huh? Pretty soon you'll be making your own running clothes.

And I'd be very impressed.