Saturday by the numbers

Lost Seven. I'm not where I should be in my training. Vacation put me behind when I skipped the long run last weekend. Then I skipped my Thursday run (seven miles) and only did the speedwork. It's payback time.
Long 16-18. The Marathonfesters sent me their training schedule, trying to coax me out with them. Today they were down for 16-18 miles. I'll save you the trouble of looking back to see when I last did 16 miles, much less 13 miles. It was January.
Fat 156. I have been carrying a lot more weight than I am used to. My average for the year had been below 150 until early June. It has risen steadily to 156 and, after today, is finally turning back down. It was bloody hot out there. About 75F at 6 a.m. and 82F when I finished.
Ten at Six. Jason and I convened on Dave's house at 6. We hadn't trained together since December, I reckon. Jason had the plan and took the lead. We were going ten down into Orlando around two lakes and home. It was great to see them again and to catch up on all the in-school stuff I never hear about. With opening day just nine days away, there is much going on to hear about.
Buck thirty six. To use descriptions of us as runners, there is the rabbit, the tortoise and the geezer. The tortoise classifies himself as a Clydesdale and is wont to ask if the pace is too high many times. The rabbit says it gets high because of the geezer. The geezer says he's just trying to keep up. Thererfore there is much checking and rechecking the pace. It's an ongoing comic routine. We covered what Jason said was ten mles in 1:36:33 which is a respectable 9:39 pace. I downed a Gatorade and stretched.
We saw quite a few other runners out. It is a brutal time in Florida to be training for fall marathons but it is better than a treadmill or sleeping in. Well, not sleeping in but then where would we be on race day?
Three more. Dave and Jason are running Chicago the week before my Marine Corps. We're off a week on the training plans so when I returned home I argued with myself about going out for the other three on my schedule. I did it. It wasn't too nasty until the third mile when I resorted to jogs and walks. I logged it as a recovery run with 12 minute pacing.
Napping 90. When I got home I cleaned up, had a second breakfast and started to read the paper. I fell asleep for 90 minutes. I was whipped. And now I have lots of catch-up in the home repair department after being away for three weekends. The pool pump quit among other things.
So see you later. Let's all tune in to see how 21st Century Mom did in San Francisco.


Rae said...

Great job on the run!! I agree, it's so tough to be training for fall marathons this time of year in the South. December and January long runs really weren't so bad after all!!!

Joggerblogger said...

Hat's off to you for the training - we came over to Orlando last October for our first visit, I tried to keep my street running up, but quickly decided to stay on the hotel tread mill.

Hopefully when we come back out this year the hot weather over here will give me a bit more stamina for running outside.

Joe said...

David, you'll get it going. You are over the nagging injuries. The training will fall into place...MCM is a big draw.

How's the summer going for your USMA son?? Learning leadership??

jeanne said...

82 is hot?? Who knew??

Great job on the run and getting back out there for the final 3! i love the rabbit, geezer and tortoise routine. i'm pretty sure i'm not the rabbit...i'm more a cross between geezer and tortoise... a teezer? (get it? ha)

i also won in the nap department today...2 hours...wooo!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Your name came up during the post race talk to day, David. Hot weather running. That's you. Definately NOT for me.

21st Century Mom said...

Good job - you are really, really, really back in the game. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nap - I wish I had time for one.

So many numbers... my head is cloudy and I'm a little anxious. Thanks for the shout outs. I kind of wish I could watch me, too but I guess I'll have to get out there and actually be the watched, not the watcher.

Mia Goddess said...

oohhhh! I love math!

Susan said...

Math is bad for you David. We all know that.

the seven miler said...

here i am! *waves furiously* over here, david! over here! wait, no, you're getting colder. come back! back this way! noooo...that's the wrong way! DAVID!!