Sorta racing and definitely longing

Today's mission was to feel better than during last week's 14 mile long run.

I had a plan for the run this time. I was not leaving the route and segment breaks up to somebody else, who also runs perhaps a little faster than I would normally pace myself. I had signed up to run the season opener for Central Florida racers. 1600-1700 were toeing the starter mats.

Before I got there though, I decided to run to the race site, race, then run home and finish my 15 mile commitment. There were several ways to do that and, because of a.maria who counseled Jeanne, I broke it down. 3 or 4 miles over, plus 3.1 racing, then 3 or 4 miles home followed by 5 or 6 miles around the hood.

I chose the more scenic variety of routes which happened to put me on a four mile warm-up to the race site, next to the cultural park with its theatres, science center and exhibit halls. I had a fifteen minute break between my arrival and the starter's call so I mingled with all the dry shirted entrants who were milling about. The social aspect of seeing people you know before and after a race is what makes it worthwhile to me.

I approached the race with a mentality that I better go about 70% and save myself for the eight miles home I had to do. It proved to be a good idea. My first mile was about sightseeing and talking to myself. There was that pretty girl there; the other ones over there; why are those folks running with ear buds? What are they listening to? How fast am I going? etc.

The first mile marker came up and the clock was 9:22. Wow. That sure was casual. "Well," I said, "I better pick it up a little or I'll be a sad sack finisher."

Mile 2 was slightly better at 9:12 and I really was not feeling like I was pushing at all. I had a few familiar shirts around me that kept me at their pace. I started to think like I usually race. Who can I pick off?

The third mile was a different story. I started pulling away from my pack peers and passing all sorts of rabbits who were feeling the heat. I was having some serious fun winding around and through some streets with corners and cars to give me angles to cut and pass those not as shrewd as me.

With a tenth left I clicked throught the third mile at an 8:18 pace; almost a minute faster. That's better. I crossed the line in 27:46.3 which ranks 29th on my list of 31 5K races over the last seven years. One of those slower ones was running with Susie as her pace partner in New London last summer.

Nevertheless I got some tempo work into my long run for the day. Aftr a water, a Gu, a body fat test and some sports drink I headed back home on the three mile route. At home I had some more Gatorade and tracked along my five mile route in reverse of the usual direction so that it woulf be more appealing.
So is 8.9% body fat a good thing?
It all went down quite well. I was very happy with my segments. I hydrated, Gu-ed or rested at regular intervals and I never had to stop to walk. That's an accomplishment I will relish until next weekend when the schedule calls for 17 miles.


Running Chick said...

8.9% is great!

and so was that long run. well-rounded day.

jeanne said...

From a.maria, to me, to you. Feel to RBF love!!

and a body fat test? at a race?? Is that supposed to be a PRIZE?

and 8.9 percent!!! That should be illegal.

Nice work.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

8.9%?! Are you serious? I think I have 28.9%. :(

Nice job on the race, David. Gotta love reeling in the rabbits. All that heat training paid off.

Susan said...

8.9% David. That's just not fair. We need to fatten you up. Want some of my 34% body fat? It's free to a good home.

Running Rabbit said...

8.9% fat!! HOW?? What is your secret?

Michelle said...

Ok, so you could have written my weekend post! Good job following through.

Joggerblogger said...

:-) all sounds good to me - Well done.

Just12Finish said...

Good idea on the run to race, race, run from race strategy. I'll have to look into that. I was checking the September race calendar last week and noticing some favorite 5Ks that I thought I'd have to pass up this year. Maybe not so, after all.