Is this Right?

So I am supposed to run 12.4 on Monday. Last Sunday I went six, yesterday was less than two of intervals and today was just 2 miles with some strides. Tomorrow is not even a mile. This feels like a vacation! Where's the workout? I guess three miles easy on Saturday is going to be a challenge because all I want to do is go out and run reallllllly fast. My pacing today was terrible. I was supposed to simulate race pace for Monday. I ran at 10K pace. I can just see me dying early. I haven't found the right bottle of mojo. All mine are too souped up.
Well I guess it's all by design. We'll see on Monday. All that really matters is beating Jon to the chocolate chip cookies.
If you remember back a few days/week I was bemoaning the fact that I had no plan after Monday. Problem solved in the running department anyway. I have booked my training through the end of February which will include preparations and racing in two 5Ks, two 10Ks, a 5-miler and two half marathons (OUC in Orlando, December 3, and Gasparilla in Tampa, February 26). That'll keep me off the streets ... err, I mean, out of trouble.
Hurricane Katrina missed us weather-wise but today we realized we didn't have enough diesel fuel to transport our 73,000 bus students to school on Friday if we didn't get some deliveries from our suppliers. PRESS CONFERENCE! Warned all the parents about how they'd have to get the kiddies to school on their own and put the heat on the suppliers to get the fuel to us or the kiddies' mommies and daddies would be calling their number. Such fun in the big city school district. They better have enough jet fuel to get my sneakers to New England this weekend. I don't care if they run out while I'm there but I have some racing to do and some friends to see.


brent said...

kick some butt at new haven dude! wish i could be there. run a good one and post about it so i don't feel so left out?

Jank said...

Yeah, I'm kind of concerned about beating Jon to the snacks, too.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Looking forward to seeing you.

Don't even think about getting to the snacks before me.

Gas prices this morning: A pound of flesh and first born child. Geeez.

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Running Chick said...

the ripple effect of the hurricane knows no limits. it's staggering.

monday will be a blast! and we'll have back-up snacks. just in case.

Mia Goddess said...

Have a great time this weekend! Take pictures! Run fast!