Here's the wind up...

And the pitch.
Today was gorgeous after a quick flight up from Florida yesterday. I've been carbo loading with pasta for dinner five nights in a row and there's the Team RBF Pizzafest tomorrow in New Haven.
I started the day with an easy easy three mile run with son T., up from West Point. It was over before I really noticed. It's amazing how short a run it was. I must be very ready for Monday's race.
We met with Susan's family before heading to the beach so that one West Pointer could meet an old time West Pointer (S's dad). The beach was as wonderful as any I can remember. The water was refreshing. The sun sparkled on the water. Fellowship with all the Rhode Island gang was as refreshing as anything I could imagine. All intelligent and humorous people who don't take themselves too seriously at all.
A pot luck dinner tonight was the icing on the cake as we all descended on the home of one friend's elderly mother's house for the party. She joined right in and everybody pigged out on clams, lobster, smoked turkey, burgers, wieners, sweet corn on the cob, salad, raspberry pie, layer cake, etc.
Now it's time to go into race prep mode. Have to pack as Lara described and be ready for anything. On the other hand friends here said don't leave anything in your car in New Haven. I will study my maps and directions and focus on the race. Sleep is the first thing to pack so I'll turn it in here and say to you that you can tune in Monday for a race update.

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