Legal to Run in New Haven

Moments ago I submitted my ChampionChip number and clicked Yes. I am now a bona fide entrant in the New Haven 20K September 5. Yahooooo.
For the first time ever I'm trying to follow a plan of training for a specific race. Mind you, I picked up the training in Week 5 of the plan but I didn't see much in the early weeks I couldn't handle or hadn't been doing. Well, I hadn't been doing much interval training and absolutely no strides. I feel like I'm on the high school cross country team, just a meadow's length behind those young whipper snappers.
Wednesday was a rest or 3-4 mile day after Tuesday intervals. My training pattern has been to run every other day so I bagged that and did 3 easy miles. And I was slow.
Thursday asked for four easy miles with intervals of half marathon pace. I screwed that up by going the whole distance at 10K pace. I was dogged; but not so much that I suffered any during the day. Too little/interrupted sleep was more the casue of my demise than the workouts but, then again, they work together to compound the sluggishness.
So Thursday night I got in bed at 900 and slept for 8.5. Friday was a rest day and I did. Before Saturday dawned I was up and ready to run. I opted out of the Chuluota trail run with the H.S. cross country team because I only needed to log five miles. They were going 8-10. Plus it's a half hour drive out to the woods and I needed more time since I had another Saturday school business day to deal with at 930.
The five miles went well. They blew by and I was going at 10K pace again. I'm loading up on water (and one, maybe two beers) before tomorrow's scheduled 11 miles. I will be there on Park Avenue at 0700 ready to go.
Two days until school opens [Booooo]. Four weeks until I am back on the beach in Rhode Island [yeaaaa]. 30 days until the 20K [look out Dianna; I'm gunning to break your PR].

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Running Chick said...

Well...I guess that makes TWO of us then, since I would like to break my PR too!

So excited you're going to be there - it's a great race, you won't regret it!

Flat, fast and free beer. Oh, and RBFers. What's not to like?