No Hurricane Here

Weather report. We managed to get by Hurricane Katrina here in Central Florida with just a few feeder band quick strike rain bursts on Thursday and Friday. In her wake we're getting a lot of hot dry weather. How hot? It's 92 at 5pm and the grass is curled up in wilt mode.
Runner. Nevertheless, I was up and out before sunrise to run 6 miles as directed by the "plan". After a day off, my legs were very fresh. I started out too fast. In the first mile I tried to keep pace with a fastie who merged with me at a street corner. It wasn't a strain but it was more pace than I needed. It would be a mistake to do that in the New Haven Race so I have been forewarned.
In my fourth mile I actually got turned around and ended up running the wrong way on a street. Nothing looked familiar and I realized I hadn't followed the route I'd mapped in my head. Damn. I had been doing so well checking my time against the mile markers I'd tracked on the Google pedometer. I was going at an 8:30 pace through three miles; then I was on the wrong road running in the wrong direction.
My fifth mile stunk and I shut it down at 5.7 miles feeling spent. I was running a 10K pace when I should have been trying to pace for a 20K. I hope to correct that tomorrow. After I caught my breath I went for a 1-mile cooldown run. I had some water, a stretch, a towel and walked over to the farmers' market for coffee and a big old cinamon bun. I sat and looked at vegetables, flowers, plants, dogs and all the beautiful people on the other end of the leashes. It was a show.
Lazy Boy. At home I plopped out by the pool and read the paper, had some lunch, a few beers and some vitamin D in heavy doses. Tomorrow I go six miles, the last "long" run of the half marathon training plan in anticipation of the New Haven 20K on September 5.
Record Book. Now today's run was historic in a few ways. It put me over 100 miles for the month, the most I've ever gone in 30 days or less (old record-93, Aug '03). It also sent me over 500 for the year which is about 113 miles ahead of my annual goal of 600 miles. Methinks I'll be topping 800 if all goes well and there are no injuries.
Here are good wishes to Bex and E. on their wedding day; good wishes to Susan and all my buds who are dining together tonight in Rhode Island without me (I'll be there in a week!!!) and Jon who hates to fly but is coming to New Haven anyway to quicken all the hearts of Connecticut Running Chicks.


Sarah said...

Glad you made it through Katrina without incident...and congrats on the 100-mile mark! That's impressive :-) Good luck on tomorrow's run...and we'll see you in a few days!

Running Chick said...

Sounds like a great morning to me...and going out too quick sounds EXACTLY like something I would do. LOL.

Congrats on your milestones!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Congrats on the records, David. I think its a sign of good things next weekend. Well, the wrong way on the road was not so good, but its like a bad dress rehersal before the big show, its supposed to be a good sign.

Can't wait to meet up in CT.

And by the way, I'm driving to New Haven. No planes for me. :)

Danny said...

congrats on the records. some pretty high numbers there...

Susan said...

Thanks for your good wishes. We had a great time but missed you (and talked about you, if that makes you feel better). So glad you weren't touched by Katrina, but we are thinking about friends in New Orleans.

Dan Pollock said...

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