Made It

Despite my complaining about the imperfection in my left calf it did not seem to be a problem at all this morning as I took off for an 11+ long run around four lakes. I had a small bagel with honey and some grapefruit juice to stoke the furnace early. I've always found honey has a way of getting in the bloodstream mighty fast. I went out very slowly to see how the legs and joints would react. They were creaky and chatty (not chatty like Dianna) but cooperated. By mile two I was sauna-ing along in the heat and humidity along Lakeshore with the morning sky lightening to my right. Adults were walking their dogs or wooshing by pulling their boats on trailers. Cars and vans were full of church goers, all dressed up. Sometimes I see girls and women going into church and I'm thinking they must be trying to pick somebody up in there, based on how they're dressed and the hair is just so.
Anyway, I pulled into the college where the freshmen have already taken up residence. There was little sign of them except for a pair of guys who looked like they might have been out all night the way they were cruising along. I stopped for some cold water at a dormitory and consumed my Plain Gu pack. I was 45 minutes in and at about 5 miles. Some maintenance folks were tooling around in Cushman carts on the way to fix something.
Within five minutes I was feeling like the Gu had woken me up. All of a sudden I had energy and better pace. I was in the "hilly" section of the run and they were not a problem. I imagined the hills in New London back in July and thought how those had been pretty steep by comparison. I wonder what New Haven will be like.
I felt extremely strong through miles 6-8. At 8 I was out in the sun again and it was hot, maybe 83. No breeze. I was soaked from head to toe. Is it true that a seasoned runner perspires heavier than those less so? Something to do with effiency of the metabolism. I had on a new pair of ultra light black Brooks shorts with little pockets on each hip with a velcro tab. I bought them for the pockets so to hold stuff. I love the light weight material. It sticks to me like skin but dries quickly. My socks were soaked through. My Hurricanes were sloggy.
At 10 miles I stopped by the Publix supermarket hoping for a water fountain and was only able to walk through the air conditioned lobby from one door to the other. It was enough. I picked it up again and found I still had some kick right down to the last quarter mile. I am not sure if the pace was really faster but the legs were still responding, lifting instead of dragging. After I pulled up at the Blue Jacket Park bathroom with its cold water fountain I ran the water over my wrists and on my forehead to cool down. How special. I then decided I better take good care of myself after this run, unlike last week.
I started home at a light jog and when I got there 5 minutes later I peeled off my footwear and walked into the pool. Stretches are easier in the water. I played dead man by floating face down in the water for as long as I could. I was surprised at how much air capacity I had. Mrs. Trade was not alarmed to see me floating face down. The dogs were so they jumped in the water to save me. A good dog claw scratch to the back will bring any dead man back to life.
I had a Snickers energy bar - my favorite/any flavor - another glass of watered down grapefruit juice and put my feet up for a little while. Then when they didn't hurt too much I took my dogs (legs) to the bath along with all the ice in the freezer. While the ice was good and cold, there was no amount of cold water in Florida coming out of my tub tap. Let's just say if I corralled the ice in the vicinity of my legs it was a cooling experience but not chilling.
I went back outside in the chaise lounge with the paper, some water and some ice wraps around my calves. They feel quite fine now, thank you, so my week of worry about losing training ground for the New Haven 20K has diminished.
I hope your Sunday is fun. I might take a nap.
P.S. If you are a Little League Baseball fan and are watching the World Series on ESPN, the Southeast team from Maitland, FL is our neighboring town. Everybody is very excited that they've won their first two ball games. 12-year olds are the cutest little guys around. So grown up but still so young and innocent.


Running Chick said...

The beautiful thing about New Haven...no real hills to speak of, I swear! I think there are two noticeable 'inclines' but nothing intimidating or pace-slowing.

And the secret to supermarkets? The water fountain is in the back, near the bathrooms, usually.

Good run David! NH will be a breeze for you!

Susan said...

That sounds like a near-perfect run. I'm still astounded that you manage those in such hot temperatures. And good for you taking the time to take care of yourself--a wise man:)

Run for Chocolate said...

I hope to run New Haven. I have to plan. I am a teacher and it is my weekend to refocus if you know what I mean. I love Rhode Island too, especially Narragansett. I'll be riding the waves there tomorrow evening!! Hope to meet you in New Haven.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Having a pool would be so nice after long runs. After being out in the hot sun, dropping into cool water would be so nice, even if the water was warm.

Jank said...

If you're making 11 in the Fla. heat, New Haven shouldn't be any trouble.

Oldman said...

sounds like a great run except publix not having a water fountain.