Feeling Loose

I'm feeling loose because I went for a massage on Monday. Sherlene did her magic and pushed all that lactic acid to wherever it's supposed to go (my head?). I came home and took a vinegar bath to download the bad stuff to the water then took a shower with scented soap to mask the vinegar. Tuesday morning, instead of feeling like a sun baked dry beach towel that had been soaked by a rogue ocean wave, I was loose as a goose and ready to run some intervals. 2x1200 (6.20), 4x400 (1.55) and 4x200 (0.55) all felt great in the morning darkness.
This morning, with an option to rest or run 3-4 miles, I ran, with enthusiasm. I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to sleep but I didn't succumb to the summer dog day blues.
Like Susan, I am aiming for that 100 mile month - this month - for the first time ever. It feels great.
On the other hand, I'm losing focus on what to do after New Haven. It's starting to bother me. I have no future past that except a half marathon in December. Everything else is the same old same old crap and frustration that permeates the everyday world. A good friend counseled me some time ago (a suggestion I gave Sarah recently) that you have to put something else out in front of you to aim for, aspire to, crave and anticipate with joy and wonderment. Right now, that isn't so promising. New Haven will be a blast. I am hooked on going to unknown places and racing.


Susan said...

Gosh David, I assumed with all your running, you had hit that marker a long time ago. Maybe my own numbers are off? You know my fuzzy math.
Keep your eyes focused on the future for a new race and a new plan. You never know.

David said...

Ya never know.

Jank said...

Goals are key. As long as there's something on the horizon, there's a reason to keep going.

Sarah said...

You could always show up for the second East coast RBF-fest...Hartford Marathon (half, 5K) in October! We'd welcome you back with open arms :-)

Bex said...

Did that vinegar bath work? I'll do it if it does. I assume that you use white vinegar, not cider vinegar ... :-) Yes, I'm in Hawaii - Northwest Airlines didn't let me down! I'm getting married tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Vinegar?! What does the vinegar do? That beats the ice bath for odd things that runners do. Did it sting at all?

I could use a massage myself. I'd like to schedule one after New Haven so I'm not all knotted up for finishing my training.

Time to start digging for a good springtime race I think. Maybe something you haven't tried. Trails? Triathalon? Barefoot? There's got to be something that new and scary. Scary is the best.

David said...

The vinegar draws bad stuff out of your body, so I'm told, and since it worked after a beat-me-up massage I am a believer.