Now that felt Good!

I went downtown for the 7 a.m. runners club run. Chris and Tim were there. Old Jack was up north on vacation. We left the Avenue ahead of a bunch of other runners who eventually passed us (seriously good runners) and maintained an easy 9:50 mile pace. Tim turned off at mile 5 and Chris and I picked it up the rest of the way. I enjoyed pushing hard up the inclines. Chris turned off at the 10th mile to run home (giving him 16 for the day). I circled downtown and finished at city hall with 11 miles logged at a 9:36 pace. That'll never catch Dianna in New Haven but I still have a few weeks to train and she is under the weather; both factors to motivate me (although Dianna will be well recovered soon enough to be in top form by Labor Day).
When I got home I had a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs with french bread. Seeing blue skies and having nothing pressing to do I announced I was going to the beach which I did by myself. Canaveral National Seashore was open today but closing at 6 p.m. because the shuttle returns tomorrow and may need the runway that sits just south of the beach area. RESTRICTED AREA. DO NOT ENTER.
The beach was fairly crowded and for good reason. The ocean was very calm with good surf and azure blue color. The sun was warm and a nice breeze made it quite pleasant. I sat in my chair facing the rays and, after the long run this morning, I dozed off intermittently. I swam. I walked. I ate a lot, drank tons of water and read the newspaper and Runners' World. The weather cooperated and the one hour I thought I would spend there turned into four. The clouds never came. The rain stayed inland. I was as happy as a clam at high tide.
Ain't that special?


Mia Goddess said...

hmmmm.....Who needs Rhode Island??

Susan said...

Very special. The only thing better was a day at the SH beach....:) Good training there D.

Running Chick said...

Sounds glorious. A long run followed by a great day at the beach. Just perfect.

And there I was, inside on the couch all day. Pphhbbttt.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

The trick to beating Dianna is getting other runners to block her while you pass.

Or locking her in the porta potty. :D

Nice run, David. I think you can catch if you keep up the hard work.