Nippy Morning

Isn't it amazing how a race schedule will keep you on task to train as you believe you should? and not skip a day or shorten a run? Today was a crisp 40 degrees and as warm as that bed was I still got up before dawn to dress out in the tights and layered stuff with gloves to go on an easy run after the long run Saturday night. I had this strange sensation as I was approaching the half way point that it sure was taking a long time to get that far ... mind you not in seconds or minutes but in what seemed like attention spans. Too many. It's like I was watching me run from 500 feet and I seemed to be moving slowly.
Well I wasn't that slow time-wise when I got home but it was another out of body experience in running. Ever have that?
My left shoulder is killing me especially when I roll onto that side when sleeping. I'd complain like Jon in MI but I won't. I'll just say I snore more sleeping on my back.
Anyway, training report is that all body parts and systems are still functioning as Gasparilla approaches. The temps will go back up into the 50s in the morning and 70s at peak time this week and next so it's a wonderful time to pack up the snow shoes, hop a plane and come to Tampa next weekend for the race length of your choosing.
I'll be at the Residence Inn.


susie said...

Watch that shoulder....you have a race coming up! I've never had your out of body experience,but it sounds rather interesting. A great way to check your form:)
Good running, David

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Hey! I stopped complaining. For a long time. A day. Not since breakfast anyway! ;)

Out of body experience? That sounds very nice actually. Some of those races, I'd like to have been somewhere else and then come back when the race it done!

Sounds very cool. :)