A Mile Too Far

A Mile Too Far. That's how I felt about an hour after returning from my long run yestrday afternoon. I knew I had to run long this weekend and I chose to go Saturday instead of Sunday because the threat of rain and cold was higher for Sunday. So Saturday was my decision. I woke up and had a healthy breakfast of oatmeal with golden raisins and fresh starwberrries, plus some coffee. I planned to run in 90 minutes, at 1000. Then the phone rang. A school board member was speaking at a library opening and wanted some brochures to hand out. She gave me an hour. I had none and didn't know where to find them. After 3 phone calls I was on my way to the office and with 20 minutes to spare I was at her door (greeted by her, sheepishly, in "morning dress") with the goods.
On my way home I thought I could still make the 1000 run time. Then the phone rang. A senior executive at work was calling to tell me, while choking back tears, that one of our colleagues had not awakened that morning. Her husband found her in a chair with the TV on. I couldn't believe it. I looked up her house and drove by. Police cars and a priest. It was true; and shocking. The rest of the morning was spent dealing with the necessary calls and anxiety.
By mid-afternoon I was doing chores around the house and keyed on 400 to run. Indeed, I was ready to run off some tension. My goal was 90 minutes and a controlled easy pace. For some reason, my mind was not focused and I took off on a route that was much longer. My pacing was fine and I marked heart rate at each 10 minute interval. I was averaging around a 135 but not covering enough pavement. At a turn I anticipated as necessary to run 90 minutes I was already at 70 and knew I had miscalculated. I took the shorter route decision and headed back to the corral. At 90 minutes I was still 2+ miles from home so took to walking 5 minutes then jogging for 5 minutes. I made it home in 2 hours with 105 minutes of it running. After stretching and showering I was feeling very worn out. My back hurt from its middle down into my butt. My knees were wobbly and joints ached (even in my hands!). And then my left hand was cold and tingly. My circulation was not working too well, I guess.
I had not planned ahead to take a gel with me on the run so I went the whole way with just one stop for a few gulps of water. I didn't feel like I had hit a wall while running but it sure hit me when I reached home. As soon as I came in I drank some water, ate some grapes and had a slice of raisin bread. That helped me recover but I still had the aches and pains and tingle in my left hand. A strange run. A Mile Too Far.
Sunday morning turned out to be cool (50) and sunny. Perfect for running. I should have waited.


Rachel said...

It could have been all the anxiety from wanting to run earlier in the day and having to postpone it due to other anxiety-provoking incidents. Sometimes running doesn't actually relieve the anxiety but becomes a part of it... I was anxious that I missed my chance yesterday for a good run in good weather but then this morning it was actually OK... but not a lot of people running at 8 am, which was odd...

Anonymous said...

Why is your Blog address Block Island?

David said...

If anonymous has ever been to Block Island he/she knows what a unique and special place it is. To me, it's that and more as I have very strong memories of some good times there. Frankly, I'm glad I'm not there right now in 6 foot snowdrifts; but this is my season for Florida. Summer is right for Block Island.

Anonymous said...

I just find it strange that your blog has nothing to do with Block Island, yet that is your address, It's a little disappointing. I was hoping to find out something about Block Island, but all you talk about is running...in Florida. Maybe you could toss in a nostalgic tale of BI. Or talk about it in general terms. Otherwise, maybe you should think about re-naming it something else. I'm an honestly not trying to be mean. Just curious.

Bex said...

Gah - don't listen to him/her. It's your right to name your blog whatever the heck you want.

21st Century Mom said...

Here is a late breaking comment (I was just surfing your archives).

I have read that you are supposed to eat some protein within 30 minutes of running to help with recovery. I know this news comes a little late in your training plan but I offer it to you just the same. I took a couple of individually wrapped string cheese packs to my marathon and ate them right afterward and I do believe it helped.

I have only been to Block Island on a day trip but I am a huge fan of Nantucket where I once spent a week. Islands and beaches in general are wonderful places and some of the less tropical ones are the best (ever been to the San Juans off of Washington state? Fabulous!)