Don't Back Down

I'm moving nicely out of the holiday indulgence mode - consuming fewer adult beverages, eating the right stuff and less sweets, taking all my supplements and vitamins. I'm even reading Runner's World before bed to inspire me to get up in the morning and run. Gosh, I might turn healthy again.
So this morning, I got up and ran, although if it weren't for my son's alarm clock going off at 615 I might have overslept and missed the chance to run before work. [aside - I cannot run any other time of day] I went the 4-mile course again, as I did Monday, without the heart monitor. I figured all it did was encourage me to kill myself with that tantalizing red zone beeping. Besides it was too dark to read the numbers at that hour.
The temps were high 50s here and quite comfortable. Spring has sprung in Central Florida. Was that an azalea I saw blooming? If it was it's sure to wilt in the next Canadian arctic blast. Regardless, my run was slow and easy - aimng to do as RW suggested about easy runs: finish with a sense that you could still run another 4 miles and not feel tired. When I looked at my stop watch after I came in I saw that I did stroll through the course today. I realized I was just out to enjoy it.
My race schedule came to me last night too. My personal PR in a 5k was set in the Park Avenue 5K which is 10 days from now. Then there's the Gasparilla 15K on February 5 in Tampa followed by the Outback 12K Classic on Feb 19. The steaks they serve after that race make it all worthwhile!
Rachel (Rachel's Marathon Blog) goes for the big race at Disney this weekend. I'll go for 3 smaller but equally fun runs after her.

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Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I'd like to try running in the AM but I need to wait until it warms up a bit and is a little lighter out. Don't want to get squashed by some hilly billy with a plow on the front of his pickup. ;)