Buried in Training Routine

Hey! Need a good excuse to get out of the snow and cold? Forecast for the Gasparilla in Tampa next weekend is about 51 or 52 in the morning and 70 by afternoon. Sounds wonder ful for running!
I'm pleased to be sticking to schedule. Yesterday I did some speed work over at the middle school track. 1600, 1200, 800 and 400 runs inside a mile warm up and cool down. Pushed hard. Felt good. It was foggy, dark and 300% humidity.
Today was the funeral for last weekend's sudden victim of a heart atatck. About 700 showed for her service and it went very well without any chain reaction weeping spells. There were plenty of damp eyes but nobody completely lost their composure. I didn't plan to go to the burial but my boss was driving and he did the eulogy and was obliged to go. Now, that was a lot more heart wrenching. Fortunately it was swift and over. Cemeteries have never spooked me but now that I'm older I have a greater sense of my mortality. When I was a kid I lived next to a cemetery and we used gravestones for bases playing baseball. Old Jim Pomeroy was special. He had a monument and played a mean first base for me. Anything on the fly that hit him was considered an out. My dad presided over many a burial there and I was oblivious to the trauma of the families. Ah, youth. So blind. So innocent.


Anonymous said...

Hi- Great that you are sticking to your schedule.

Sorry to hear about the death of this person you know. Funerals are sobering events.

Have a good weekend! Kirsten/Mid-pack mom

Anonymous said...

The shorts are packed and I'm looking for lots of sunshine for Gasparilla Races & looking forward to a great weekend and race in Tampa. I'm reading this blog and it just clicked that you're the David, Rachel mentioned in her comment on mine. Good luck with your race....Dawn