Evening wonder

I never like to run at night, yet I couldn't get my run in in the morning today. I had to be at work extra early to speak to a tough crowd of 400 school administrators. My one liners worked and they applauded me when I was done. In the afternoon my press conference drew good media coverage and I was feeling strong, so the notion I had to leave before dark, get home and run in the late afternoon sun was appealing.
Lo and behold I went for a very pleasant run from sunset into darkness and felt strong and good enough to go longer when I finished. Wow. That was a first. So I'm on pace to run Friday again and long run on Sunday. Next week will be more of the same and then a slow down/taper week before the race, Feb. 5.
Tonight's run did push me over my previous high of miles logged in January which surprised me. I guess it's because (a) I am not as adverse to running in the cold, (2) my job season has changed and I'm not d-e-a-d in January like I used to be and (3) I have a race to train for.
What's to complain about. Not much. Need new shoes.

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susie said...

I find the evening runs are better if I've had a great day. Sounds like you did:) What's next? A run under a full moon? Hey, that might be fun. Thanks for your advice on my races; it makes sense.