A heated long easy run

While the Disney Marathon drew 24,000 (including 4:49 Rachel; Good job!!) the Cady Way Trail drew me. I had to put on some miles and I knew it wasn't going to be easy. First of all it was a balmy 70+ degrees and all I could think of was sliding over to the beach for some solar massage. As late as I got up I almost succumbed to the temptation. I had not planned my morning run very well. I started by having a half banana to compensate for the lack of proper fueling the night before (an NBA game, hot dog and beer). Then I dressed as if I'd run if I had to. Then I put on my HRM watch and knew I'd better go now or never. I drove to the Trail and started my run at 1000. It was toasty and sunny. I imagined I was jogging on the beach. Distant highway traffic stood in as the sound of waves. There was no breeze.
I packed a plain Gu gel pack for emergencies. At mile 2 I was thinking I might need that boost earlier than the 40 minute mark I targeted. At 25 minutes I could tell I was going to be dragging if I didn't stoke up so ... riiiiiip. Now I'm moving. I used the HRM to track my rates and times at the mile markers along the trail. I stayed safely below my max nearly the whole way. I stopped about 4 times for water and more Gu gel. Yea for me - I managed to run it all the way back to the trail head where I started (it was an out and back 7 miles). I took 1:09 which is slow. Who cares. I missed the easy run between the speed work and the long run so I was okay with it.
Today I signed up for Race 1 in my triple header schedule through February (5K-15K-10K & steak). Therefore - all is well.
Carry on.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

He said "toasty and sunny"! That rotten bum said "toast and sunny"! We had FREEZING RAIN last night and he said "toasty and sunny"!

GET HIM!!!!!

Rachel said...

Grrr. I was cursing that Florida weather on Saturday. You should have seen how ragged everybody looked crossing the finish line. Well, I'm sure you experienced a taste of it. What is with this state, anyway?! :)