A short 19.6 mile day

Today was a near repeat of last Sunday's run but for a few high/low lights.

I was late arriving at Park Avenue to meet the Team at 7:00 a.m. I could see them a quarter mile off the start line when I arrived. I took too long eating my bagel and reading the paper at 5 a.m. before knocking off the first 8.5 miles.

I skipped the third mile leg so that I was ahead of the Team at Mile 3. Lytle was the first to come up on me, running with someone I did not know. She mentioned something about spelling her name right on the blog. I got it!

At the 4-mile water stop I caught Lytle and waited on Father Jack, Chris, Christy, Marty and Juergen. We partook of much Gatorade stashed by Jack and other running groups before wandering off to run some more.

Everybody peeled off to run 7 or fewer miles except Chris and Christy again. Now I felt normal. Christy couldn't remember the blog url last week. Maybe now she's on. Christy was directionally challenged a few times today too, not that she hasn't run the course a time or two. Maybe she gets a pass because she's an actress.

I had to stop to re-tie my shoe late in the 16th mile and found a fountain of speed when I restarted. Christy and Chris were complaining for a whole mile. That's how far it was despite the fact I forgot to start my watch again after re-tying the shoe. Thank goodness for Google pedometer.

From the Park Avenue finish line I only had the short two miles home to complete my 19 target miles. I made it without walking other than as scheduled. My pace was under 11:00 for the whole length. It turned out to be 19.6 altogether.


Joe said...

The prep stays steady...you are getting set for Chicago.

Be glad the marathon wasn't today...major flooding all over Chicago as the aftermath of Ike rolled through.

Darrell said...

It sounds like you are doing what you need to do for Chicago. Was that your last long one before the big day?

Runner Susan said...

I'm ready for Chicago to be here already.

CewTwo said...

Good time! Great training going on. I wish I was as fast.

I am still committed to finishing my first marathon. After all of this training, I am really looking forward to actually running and finishing this 2008 Chicago Marathon!

Good job, David!

Anonymous said...

It must be some sort of New England cross-country trick. Pretend to stop to tie your shoe and then, when your friends stop out of sportsmanship to wait for you, take of leaving them stunned and suprised as you run on ahead. We were left yelling "come back here you filthy blogger."


Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon... I like to think that instead of it being because I am an actress, I am directionally challenged as a direct result of being completely delirious due to your erratic running pace!!!! :) 10 minutes one mile... 11 the next... wait! WAIT! Now we are going for an 8 1/2! :)

Ted said...

25 more days till Chicago Marathon. It looks like you will do well.

jeanne said...

fan-freakin-tastic! you are soooooooo ready!