24 days to go

I watched a video of the Chicago course tonight for the first time on Maddy's blog. It's flat; yes indeed.
I wrote Maddy and her clan of bloggers about plotting our Chicago in-residence locations on a Google map so we all know where we are. Maddy's working on it.
I wrote my barely-40 brother-in-law to see what his plans are for Chicago. He lived there once so I am counting on him for inside intel and advice.
I called Runner Susan to talk about lodging and dining and whatever else pops into our heads.
I showed Mrs. T where the museums are on a Google map so she can plan her marathon.
I watched Runner Susan's hilarious Leg Torture #15 without the legs.
I ran an easy four miles this morning after some truly grueling 6x1200s yesterday. Those are the worst but my best was the last one.
I started plotting my food and beverage intakes between now and Sunday's final 26 mile long training run.
I checked to make sure for the third time that I am registered for the race.
I am feeling fit, confident, healthy and ready.
24 days to go.


Maddy said...

Waiting for one more location and I will be sending the map out for collaboration amd information.

I am sure you are ready for 26 miles on Sunday and ready of 26.2 miles in 24 days.

This is really starting to get exciting!

Joe said...

You are getting stoked. Fun to put all this together eh??

Enjoy your long run this weekend...I'll enjoy mine too :-)

Runner Susan said...

You know I'll call you about 700 times because you'll be late to the start line? And by late I mean 5 minutes early. And I'll complain obsessively because I'm hungry or cold or hot or constipated. Are you sure you still want a pace pony?

Ted said...

and I will be praying for a cooler and misty "Autumn" weather for the Chicago Marathon....

Darrell said...

I totally understand the OCD side of a personality that triple (and more) checks race registration.

jeanne said...

it sounds like team-get-me-to-the-finish david is in place. that post was almost haiku-like. i should take a hint.

(I would also like to accompany mrs. t on HER marathon. so MUCH more fun!)

robtherunner said...

It's right around the corner and I know you are physically ready and it sounds like you are preparing all the rest of the details as I type this. I wish I could join you in Chicago, but Portland is a bit closer and cheaper.