The frog croaked

Tuesday I did 12x400s which went better than last time. Most were around 1:50 with the first and last the best, down around 1:45. I believe I have developed some stamina that should make Chicago seem like nothing worse than a day at the dentist.

While stretching after my intervals yesterday I managed to wrench my back, which hurt until this afternoon. I conveniently had a date with my new girl, Julie, who gave me 90 minutes of purposeful massage. It was delightful. Though, I have to say, a "routine" massage isn't nearly as dramatic a sensation as that one in a blue moon massage that reveals all the crinks and creaks you thought you had but weren't sure 'til it was artfully revealed on the table.

Last night was a tough one for sleeping. After all the tropical storm rains we've had, the critters have been restless. In our case the critters are Cuban tree frogs that come around at night and sit on the lip of our pool - right outside our bedroom window - and start ribbiting up a storm. Needless to say, sleep is not a simple thing under such circumstances. Fortunately for me, I can sleep through most of it unless I am otherwise awakened; as usually happens when Mrs. T is disturbed, which usually results in everyone knowing she is disturbed.

If proper preparations are made the croaking will cease after a little good night hunting. Mrs. T keeps a baggy in the bedroom and if those noisy toe suckers start clucking she goes out there with a flashlight and catches them in her bag, twists the bag up into a knot and, without ceremony, deposits them in the freezer. That not only shuts them up but it is said to painlessly prevent them from ever ribbitting again. Ah, life in the Florida wilderness. It takes a hunter's heart to live down here.


jeanne said...

oh, you should know better than to take my advice!

i'm sure that's totally NORMAL. putting frogs in the freezer. SURE!

you're hilarious. Mrs. T--even MORE hilarious!

a day at the dentist? Yeah, that sounds like a blast.

What sounds like a blast is 90 minutes with Julie.

Maddy said...

The lovely Mrs. T. is a passive-agressive savage!

Tree frogs are popular in your area of town. It's the only place I've seen them. When I lived across the lake from Houston's we never had them - my mom lived near your part of time and she had them all the time.

Chicago is right around the corner and it's going to be a good time! I can't wait!

Darrell said...

Poor frog. Serves them right.

Runner Susan said...

Kenza froze frogs and goldfish for her science report on cryology last year. And FYI - the frogs can return to a normal state if defrosted properly. It's true, I've seen it with my own eyes.

Speaking of frogs, I now have a pair of black shorts with green strips on the side that I kinda like, but I'm not really a green person. It's ok if I have a tan, but I doubt I will come October. So, those are a maybe. I'm still shirtless though. I need to pick out the shorts first. Sans razor blades preferably.

We are supposed to get 60-80mph winds and tons of rain this weekend because of that hurricane thing. I'm not sure I believe it, but I'm wondering if I should do my long run tomorrow? Whatcha think?

Oh, and does Mrs. T use tongs or does she just pick them up with her bare hands? Bravo to her if she does.

Rae said...

Ick!!! i hate frogs and lizards and things!! I think we need some pics and video of this late night frog gigging!

David said...

Susan - whatever it is you're sure you're going to wear on race day I am just as sure the weather will change and you'll have to start all over.

Joe said...

Fry 'em up, they'll taste like chicken....

Chicago is coming...you are getting there well!

Ted said...

It is a blessing that I am D-E-A-F. I don't hear a single thing during my sleep. Ahhhh!!! Its heaven !!! Holy mackerel. 30 days till Chicago Marathon. That long?

Runner Susan said...

yeah, but does she use tongs or frog hunt with her bare hands?

Just12Finish said...

Julie? Is she your new new girl or old new girl? What happened to the old old girl? Where are all these girls coming from? What's wrong with my picture?

21stCenturyMom said...

Freezing frogs - that is so hard core. I guess we do what we have to do, right?