Do you believe in Parrotts?

My Parrott Predictor says I'll be around 4:40 in Chicago. I have never found the PP to be right but that was when I ran lesser distance long runs. Maybe this time it will be more accurate. That would be nice. It would make me smile and keep Runner Susan happy too.

Date Week Total Miles Parrott Prediction
Jun-30 27 17.7
Jul-7 28 25.0
Jul-14 29 30.1 4:39:14
Jul-21 30 32.2 4:42:22
Jul-28 31 38.5 4:21:47
Aug-4 32 41.4 4:32:41
Aug-11 33 33.2 4:37:01
Aug-18 34 33.8 5:02:33
Aug-25 35 34.0 4:30:53
Sep-1 36 39.6 4:32:56
Sep-8 37 29.9 4:49:37
Sep-15 38 35.1 4:45:27

I have been experimenting with three pairs of shoes on my last three long runs. I have three more intermediate distances to do including a 15k on Saturday. Each is auditioning for Chicago.

The favorite right now is a 10.5 Kayano (320 miles) that I raced in in Ft. Lauderdale. I have some 10.5 Asics 2180s with cushioned in soles (148 m.) that I wore Sunday with all the problems with hip, ankle and toes. Finally I have a new pair of size 11 Kayano 14s (38 miles) which have the necessary toe box space but feel big anyway. The 14s in 10.5 were too tight.

Anxiety. Somehow Runner Susan already received an e-mail confirmation and heads up about the Chicago race packet coming by mail. I haven't seen a thing but I refuse to go back and check to see if I am still registered on line. I know they're saving the best for last.

Mapping. Maddy created a map on Google of the race route, a targeted Italian restaurant for Saturday night the 11th, and all the known lodging addresses of RBFers running Chi-town. All my brother-in-law, a former resident of Chicago, can talk about is getting in on the lottery for Cubs play-off tickets, which could coincide with the race. If the Cubs don't get that far, maybe the Southsiders from the junior circuit in white stockings will be playing. He didn't mention them.

Training intervals. I did 7x800s this morning just to see how everything worked after Sunday's breakdown. Things were stiff but loosened up by the time I was done. My intervals were slow but went from 4:38 through 4:21, a few 4:15s to a final 4:01. Through noon, things are healing up. That PR on Saturday may be a push but I will give it a try.


Ted said...

The bottom line of all of this, dude, is that you are going to have A LOT OF FUN. No question. Just go out there and enjoy every minute of it in Chicago.

Darrell said...

I love all the mental games that happen as the big day approaches.

BettyBetty said...

I got anxious just reading your post. A good anxious though.

Joe said...

You are deep into the taper...it shows...even with shoe debates. You'll get the right pair, I'm sure.

boy, I'm hoping my Cubbies are still in it when you are in Chicago. I'll be in Italy for much of it and will only be back for the World Series...they gotta hang on. The White Sox?? No chance against either the Angels or the Red Sox or the Rays. No chance. Even if they manage to get in past the Twinkies...

Runner Susan said...

David, I haven't done any Chicago Retail Therapy yet, that makes me anxious. Texas heat has ruined me. I don't know what midwesterners are wearing for fall these days. I'm a lazy bum. I know I'll need boots, but I think the red ones might be too last season. And I have no new handbag. Woe is the Runner Susan. Can you feel my stress?

Oh, and I have no clue what I'll wear on race day yet either.

Maybe it's just all the sake I've had tonight. You know how I type under the infuluence.

Just12Finish said...

Make sure Susan takes you shopping all afternoon Saturday too.

rich said...

Is standing on line all day Friday outside Wrigley Field waiting for SRO tickets considered good marathon training?