Feeling it some more

I decided to start tapering today.

My training plan had been for a 19-miler this weekend but I broke it down into the 15K race yesterday and a simple 10-miler this morning. It was nice to sleep in and drive to downtown and not have to run my way there and back.

I still had plenty of that pep from yesterday. I was all over the charts in mile splits; everywhere from 9:03 to 11:07. I averaged 9:41 which is still pretty good for the day after pounding it during a race. The drier and slightly cooler weather is a positive factor. No more heaving heat prostrations.

I found myself running with different people this morning. I started with Father Jack for the first half mile; then there was Cathy W. for mile 2 who just happened to be out on the roads at the same time as me. She used to be really good (BQ good) until breast cancer. I ran with Tim and an Englishman from Nottingham who lost 100 pounds to run his first marathon recently in the Robin Hood Marathon. I like the sound of that one. Then there was the college girl from South Florida who's running Chicago; and Rusty the entrepreneur anatomist/alchemist.

Christy and Chris stuck together. Christy lambasted my erratic paces but I couldn't help myself.

I did vow to not let these fasty race paces influence my pace plans for Chicago. Sure as shootin' I'll go out too fast and burn up. Susan, put a bit in my mouth and hold me back.

After running. Mrs. T had the brilliant idea to go to the beach this afternoon; and so we did. Our favorite beach at the Canaveral National Seashore was closed because the drawbridge was broken. It's the only way over.

So we went to Cocoa Beach and mixed with the rest of humanity, ugly as so much of it is. Regardless, any day at the beach beats chores at home.


Darrell said...

The Robin Hood marathon does have a certain romance. I think, jeff - the amazing hip, ran that one a couple of years back.

Runner Susan said...

i wish i was closer to the beach! 13 days. that's it.

Joe said...

Good luck in Chicago!! I'll be off till you have run it...enjoy it all!

jeanne said...

it's so nice you always have peeps to run with. you know you're gonna kill it in chicago, right? RIGHT!

Just12Finish said...

I can't believe the beautiful people actually mixed with the common folk. Did you mention that to the Guardian?