20 is enough

Somewhere in the execution of today's 26 mile run today I made a mistake.
It could have been what I didn't eat last night.
Or what I did eat.
It wasn't the first eight miles that clicked off nicely at even splits from 10:45-11:15.
It very well might have been miles 9 and 10 when I joined my Sunday bunch and got caught up in their freshness (10:15 and 9:34).
I remember attacking a hill with too much gusto.
Mile 11-14 were okay at 10:30 paces.

Then my left hip started hurting. I crumbled through miles 15-18 at a halting pace accompanied by Chris and Christy. After 18 miles I turned off for my final eight, a reversal of the earlier morning jaunt. Then my hip and gasping lungs asked me to slide by the house for some Zip Fizz .... before taking a six mile loop around Baldwin Park.

By the time I reached the Zip Fizz I was 0.2 miles from my house and I said better to heal and run tomorrow than die today and regret it.

I have managed five 20 milers through this training run-up and I know I can go the distance. It just didn't have to be today. In three weeks it matters. In Chicago.

Notes. Christy took a wrong turn again this morning or else Father Jack had a bout of sometimers. They both turned into a cul de sac around mile 9 ... I signed up for a 15K race next Saturday. I am going for a PR if my hip loosens up ... I see Julie to work on it on Wednesday.

In remembrance. This afternoon I attended a memorial service. Think back to your college days. You must have had that one professor who turned the lights on for you in your head, right? I bounced through three majors before finding an inspirational man who sucked me into the study of philosophy and religion. It taught me how to think and write. Dean Wettstein was my hero. He even co-officated at my wedding (we had a triple-header). He died in May and today was his memorial service at the college. Nobody cried. We all nodded our heads ... remembering all that he meant to us. Thanks Arnie.


Joe said...

Yeah, the 20 is enough. Plan well for Chicago.

There are important people who enter our lives and mean so much, for so long. Very nice to pay tribute to Prof Wettstein. And may you be the same to many others.

Just12Finish said...

Oh yeah, save the hip for Chicago. Good move. Good luck.

Darrell said...

5 20's should serve you well in Chicago. Better to save the extra effort, if necessary, for the big day.

It's taper time, now!

21stCenturyMom said...

I agree with all of the above - 20 is good. If you are going to run on a bad hip it might as well be for the chute.

Deirdre said...

you did the smart thing dude. save it up. don't walk under any ladders or step on any cracks or break any mirrors. Stay cool.

Condolences re your friend and mentor. I'm sure you count yourself lucky to have known him.

Maddy said...

It sounds like you made a good effort. I have been struggling with the healing process. I know I'm ready for Chicago, I just would have liked one more 20 miler.

I am sitting out on the 15k, altough I would really like to tune up there also.

Good luck with Julie and good luck on Saturday!

robtherunner said...

5-20's is huge training for a marathon. I don't think I have ever managed that many long runs before a marathon. Good idea to save the hip for another day.

Runner Susan said...

I think you are supposed to be tired at this point. I know I am, and I don't have five 20s under my belt.

It's also only 20 more days away. Are you nervous yet?

CewTwo said...

I remember looking at the Higby training schedule that I chose and wondering who it was that I was trying to fool. Then I thought about those other runners/bloggers that talked me into this travesty. I remember conversations with my boss about setting a major goal and giving it my all.

After all, I was an over-weight aging man.

But you know what? I am going to achieve this thing. I know that I can do it now. I used to feel that a 5 mile run was a once a week killer thing and now I do them every day. A 12 mile run is a thing to do and not a thing to dread.

I know that I will finish. I may be the last of our lot across that finish line, but I will cross it.

Thanks, David. You have been an inspiration to me.

I am with some of the others, though. I am taking it extremely careful and trying to stay away from parents of school age kids at work. I barley look up from my feet on runs as I don't want to hurt myself in any way.

But that is just my pre-event paranoia, I'm sure.

jeanne said...

you know how deirdre left you a comment? that was really me.

Anonymous said...

Must we always tell people when I make a wrong turn? Lol. :) I am just getting caught up on your blogging.