So many questions

1. So if you are someone who likes to run with headphones/earbuds, do you like to race with them too?

2. If you like to race with headphones and had a free entry into the Minneapolis Twin Cities Marathon would you race? Headphones are forbidden on the course and those confirmed to have used them (photos/videos) will be disqualified.

3. Do you think wearing headphones is a safety hazard?

4. Do you think headphones are less of a hazard in a controlled route race?

5. Do you find those who wear headphones to be a hazard to you on the course/road?

6. Spirit of the Marathon is screening in theatres all over America on January 24. Are you planning to go? Is it sold out yet where you are?

7. Have you ever heard of a one-time-only screening of a film before? Unusual to me.

8. Have you ever seen a running watch that gives you an air temperature reading? That would be cool.


21stCenturyMom said...

1). I like to be in the race when I race, not somewhere else that my ear buds take me.
2). I would take a free entry to a marathon I wanted to run even if I had to give up something as non-critical as my tunes

3). I never used to but apparently there are clodhoppers out there who really do cause problems when they have the music on loud.

4). no - they are probably more of a hazard.

5). no but others have

6-7). I'll go if I can find it. They probably only had enough marketing juice for a 1 night stand. It isn't that uncommon with Indie films

8). no but I'll bet you could find one, somewhere.

ShoreTurtle said...

1. I only run with headphones when I need motivation on the treadmill.

2. I'm a chicken. If they say that they're going to enforce it, I wouldn't. I also avoid jaywalking so I wouldn't necessary listen to me.

3. I think that they could be a safety hazard while running with traffic. I like to be aware of my surroundings.

4. Yes.

5. Nope.

6. I'm going. It isn't sold out yet.

7. Nope.

8. My polar watch has a temperature reading, but it is the average temperature for the run. You don't get to see it while you're running.

Good questions.

Mia Goddess said...

1. yes
2. yes, but only if I didn't care that I was officially disqualified...ie, am I running for myself or to qualify for another marathon, like Boston? Also, why am I running a marathon? Totally hypothetical question, in my case!
3. no
4. um, n/a? I don't think they're a hazard
5. no...I've had problems with strollers and dogs and people who line up in the wrong pace group, but never with headphone wearers
6. I would go if there were a snowball's chance in hell of me getting out of the house for 2 hours without my children!
7. no
8. no, but that would be very cool.

Just for you, D? I have to say that as I struggle with finding a new running routine that actually works for my life right now, I am surprised to find that "whether or not my ipod is charged" has become part of the equation. For the record, that's not cool! I don't really feel like I should NEED it THAT badly!

Joe said...

I find the headphone debate kind of silly. In the back of the pack, I think it is irrelevant. Much ado about nothing. And, if I ran with headphones (which I hardly every do), I'd use it in a marathon anyway.

"Spirit" is playing here and I'm going. Don't think it is sold out. I think it is such a specialty film, they are counting on the "scarcity" of a one-night showing, plus the "buzz" of the web to make it a one shot winner...then they distribute on DVD.

My opinion...FWIW!!!

Darrell said...

1. No. I haven't worn them in a couple of years and never in a race.

2. n/a, I guess since I don't race with them. So how do I go about getting free entry into Twin Cities?

3. yes, in the dark on the streets, or maybe alone on trails.

4. probably yes,

5. USTAF has made a bigger issue about than needs to be.

6. I was planning on seeing it, never considered that it might sell out.

7. No.

8. No, but I'm not much of a gadget guy. I don't even have a garmin.

Gotta go the game's (Chargers)on!

Runner Susan said...

9) Have you ever had too much to drink before blogging?

Maddy said...

1. Yes, I love my headphones and race with them. Although I only put a headphone in one ear - the other ear is to listen to other sounds

2. I probably would race without them if there was no other choice. It wouldn't make me happy. And I bet it would take me longer.

3. Only if you're stupid about it and listen to music so loud you can't hear anything else.

4. Yes because there is less risk of being attacked or run over

5. No

6. I bought my ticket this evening (Winter Park)

7. I think this is the same organization that promoted the one night only "Dale" movie last year. The idea of one night only does create a certain urgency to see it.

8. No, but that would be cool.

Tiggs said...

1. Yes, I like to wear them, but weaned myself off them when I lived in Japan where it is ILLEGAL to run with headphones! I have not worn them since 5/2007 in a training run or a race.

2. I would leave them at home rather than risk disqualification.

3. Only if used in heavy foot or road traffic areas.

4. Yes.

5. Yes.

6. I have tickets. Not sure if it is sold out.

7. Yes.

8. Polar makes one. I know I saw one at a bike shop too- or that may have been a bike computer but the same company prob makes a watch too.

Brendan said...

A couple of years ago in Connecticut, some half-marathoners were finishing their race at the same time that the leader of the wheelchair division of the marathon was finishing his race. He was moving on the left side of the closed portion of the road, next to the cones and barricades, calling out to all in front of him "On your left!" The people moved over to the right to get out of his way.
As he moved up through the pack, one woman didn't hear him, forcing him to slow down. He called out several times, then decided to go around on her right. As he went around her on the right, she suddenly moved to her right, nearly tipping him over and almost falling herself. Only his quick reaction kept them from both hurting themselves. One of the other participants began yelling at the wheelchair racer (who was leading his division) to slow down.
So I think that headphones make the wearer a hazard to others in the race. I also don't wear headphones when I run on streets, since I can't hear cars coming up behind me. You don't really realize how much you hear until a large car sneaks up behind you and cuts you off turning left. When I run on the Erie Canal Towpath, or other car-free places, I sometimes wear headphones – sometimes music, and sometimes radio show podcasts. I have to be careful with the latter, though, since I listen to mostly comedy/politics shows, and sometimes I end up literally doubled over with laughter.

jeanne said...
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Rae said...

I won't do races anymore that DQ headphone wearers. I ran in a headphone banned race last summer and was DQed a few weeks after and it was no big deal to me, I just choose to give me $$ to those who want me AND my headphones from now on. I have more issue with people talking so loudly they can't hear you say excuse me to get around them than I've ever had with headphone wearers.

Jack said...

1. I run with earbuds when I want to go for a leisurely run, but never wear them when I want to run faster.

2. Forbidden is forbidden in my book.

3. I think that it is not safe to wear headphones at night, you need all your senses. I also think it is risky to wear them along roads, busy paths or dog-prone areas.

4. With a smaller race I don’t see a problem, but in an elbow-to-elbow race it could be an issure.

5. No.

6. Yes, if it shows up in Germany.

7. No. Unusual for me too.

8. No. I question if it is really necessary, I mean most runners tend to check the temperature before they run – or am I just weird.