Ready to Race

I knocked off 20 miles yesterday in some chilly conditions: low 50s, misty, cloudy, wet, windy. Not too bad unless all you were wearing was a short sleeved shirt and shorts. That was me. I was not shivering but it was close for awhile there.

The good news is that I held or improved my pace through the course of the run. The intervals when I hit the lap button varied but the paces went like this: 10:34, 10:29, 10;49 and 10:26. I felt a surge of energy after I had a bottle of Zippfizz after the first 13 miles. That stuff with its gazillion parts B12 vitamins gets me going.

From here on it's gradual taper until the race on February 17. From the books I am reading I am inclined to up my frequency of running, keeping them short.

Once home, stretched, showered and fed yesterday, I sat in the sun room reading the paper. Then the phone rang and I was off to be quoted in the paper. It was a long day, having run the 20 then standing around to deal with the incident and the media. I had a hard time getting moving this morning.


jeanne said...

nice paces! wow.

and that story? good lord. did you ever think you'd be dealing with uxb's at a SCHOOL???

and where are the b-day photos of you partying it up?

Maddy said...

nice job on the 20 miler one day after a speedy 5k the day before!

I saw you on the news last night too! I wondered if the call came after the 20 miler... Glad you were able to get the miles in.

Joe said...

Nice 20 miler, very nice.

And, then the phone rings. I'll bet you get a little jumpy about the phone at times.

Hope they get the site secured well. Ugh.

Just12Finish said...

Congrats on making it past your 20's :-)

robtherunner said...

Sounds like a nice 20 miler. I won't be thinking about shorts and a short sleeve shirt for quite some time.

jeff said...

great consistency w/ the pace, d! sounds like you're all set for ft.lauderdale!

Runner Susan said...

Good 20 David. Does it count that I thought about running 20? I did, really I did. Then I sneezed and went back to sleep.