Spirit of the Marathon

I thought the movie was okay. It looked like the Chicago weather was awesome in 2005. I am still planning to run it this October. Anybody want to put me up?

The best part of the movie was afterwards when the lights went up and I saw and visited with other runners I know. I saw Maddy and Marathon Chris plus some other folks from Track Shack.

I plan to run the Seasons 52 Park Avenue 5K Saturday morning. Maddy will be there as will "Helga" from Stockholm. I look forward to a fast race in 50F and a Cuban omelette waiting for me afterwards. Then I will enjoy the rest of my birthday and some good pasta chow that night.

Sunday will be the peak of A1A Marathon training with my second 20 miler. I am ready for that. I had a massage today just to get loose and ready.


Just12Finish said...

Just "ok"? Didn't you get goose bumps, or are you the strong silent type?

Maddy said...

It was good to see you tonight!

The movie made me want to run Chicago. Funny - I lived about 40 miles northwest of the city until I was 12. I've been to Chicago several times and it never occured to me that it might be a race I would like to run...

I hope to see you on Saturday. Look for the pink camo bandanna - it will be me!

21stCenturyMom said...

Just okay? I guess I'm glad I didn't go. They are having an encore performance so I might just skip that, too!

MarathonChris said...

I thought it was pretty good. Better than the TV movie that played a few months back because it covers the journey of the elites as well as the "everyday" marathoning folks.

I wouldn't rate it a blockbuster, but I enjoyed the movie.

Great meeting you last night!!! Good luck in tomorrow's 5K. Maybe I will see you there - I am currently planning to come out and cheer you guys on!

jeanne said...


and good luck tomorrow!!!

I'd be happy to put up with...i mean put you up ANY TIME! :)

Runner Susan said...

Happiest Birthday David! I hope you celebrate well, you only turn 35 once.